I have a wheelie question about R1


So I have a wheelie question… I'm looking into picking up a second 09-14 R1. I want to track the bike and would love a 12-14 to have TCS on it and would also like to still be able to wheelie… so anyone with 2012-14 R1 that wheelies religiously does TCS in the lowest setting mess with being on one wheel? Any good info is appreciated.. trolls go find another bridge lol

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  1. Commenting to know this as well!

  2. You have to have TCS off.

  3. Also… buy an 09-11 and buy a Bazzaz zfi + tc. That TC setup is much more progressed than the stock TC of the 12-14.

  4. What Codey Tyson said, but it is possible to bring it up with TCS on, but it won’t stay up for long before the power is cut.

  5. 09-11= No TCS. =Better

  6. I wheelie all the time with one bar of tc on. It will pick up and set right back down with 2 bars and won’t come up at all with 4 bars.

  7. And the 12-14 looks better in the front end!

  8. It will wheelie no problem with traction on. Upto 4 bars it will still wheelie. But don’t think T C S will save you from a big high side. The traction on that model is quite primitive compared to the new stuff.

  9. as above 1 bar or off will stay up as long as you can hold it

  10. Only the two highest levels of tc have antiwheelie. Anything below and you can get the front up and carry it no problem. At least I’ve never had an issue?

  11. Frank Harden or Shaun is it more difficult to keep it up with TCS on the lowest bar or when TCS is off or no real difference??

  12. if I’m riding with tc on and fancy doing a few wheelies I just flick it down to 1 bar and away you go

  13. -2 bars is the best to start -3 bars and you can pull it over

  14. R1, but the big news is it now has a six-stage traction control system, incorporating anti-wheelie in its two most intrusive levels. It also has a restyled nose, a

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