I have a Drop Tail trailer that I used for hauling the Harley’s


I have a Drop Tail trailer that I used for hauling the Harley's and converted to to haul our 2019 RTL. I've looked at a couple You Tube videos about tying down the Spyder, but thought I would poll the group for best practices. Thanks

I have a Drop Tail trailer that I used for hauling the Harley's

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  1. I run a loop through the rear tire and fasten it to one side of the trailer then do the same on the right

  2. Looks awesome

  3. Ride onto trailer, leave rider in bike, put inthe neutral, run tie down though each front rim, only rim, not brake rotors and tighten, then run a tie down through rear wheel and tighten. Set brake, tighten. Rides well. Details in owners manual.

  4. Loop straps attached to the swing arm and frame hard points is what I routinely use.

  5. I agree with all of you that said to ride it. Often we will, but we have a truck camper. Our retirement plan is to travel to a campsite, unload the bike, and tour an area on the bike. Once we’ve seen what we wanted, we would move to a new campsite and repeat.

  6. I don’t have an ‘iron butt’ like some of you. I have a 24′ with 4′ ramp that I haul two 2020 RT’s. I strap my down like Louis does. I also use the loop straps that Briton mentioned on the front wheels.

  7. I have never tied down using the handle bars. Only through the rims. Been to South Dakota and back with no issues at all.

  8. One strap through the front wheels and one through the rear wheel.

  9. Just drive it. Should not need a trailer

  10. I have a KIA SOUL and I know it won’t pull a trailer with my Spyder on it. Guess I need to get a bigger vehicle. Since I live in ‘Hurricane’ area, would like a trailer for evacuation purposes. Any ideas on a trailer?

  11. What size trailer is that behind the truck

  12. I just got one of those. Haven’t tried it yet. My old trailer had 2 motorcycle wheel chocks that I drove my front wheels into.

  13. Always tie down by the wheels only. Saw this dolly that someone had modified to haul his trike. ud83dudd77

  14. There are some diagrams in the owners manual.

  15. I have four ratchet tie downs. I use lambs wool covers over the straps shown in a previous post. One strap to each front wheel. Wheel spokes only. Then I put one strap through the rear wheel on the right side and one from the left side. I use an ultimate trailer.
    Just a word of caution. We just made the trip to Deadwood, Yellowstone, Bryce, Capital Reef, and Arches. Some of the roads are terrible. Some of the dips and holes In the road can lift your bike up off the floor of your trailer unless you have the straps located at the lowest point at the same angle as your ratchet. Too high or too low can cause the wheel to rotate when it bounces into the air thus loosening up your ratchet tie downs. Then your bike can move.

  16. The owner’s manuals says the tie down on the A frame. I called my dealer about the front tires he said he said he had a customer to tie down using the front tires straps too tight on one side before the other put his bike in limp mode. He says it’s best to use the a frame on the front back tire in the back

  17. Would something like this work? Don’t know if there is room under the fenders…….

  18. I use 3 straps through each rim , seems to work great

  19. Straps through front tires and one through back tire

  20. I have 2 wheel chalks secured to the trailer for both front tire to rest on. 2 tie down for the front A arms.

    In the rear 2 tie downs at outer trailer edges 1 foot behind the trailer hitch. Tie downs to the trailer hitch.

  21. Good afternoon everyone. I have a question. I recently purchased both a 08 spyder and 11 Rt. I have a tilt trailer that I have used for motorcycles. Does anyone know if I would be able to load it with the tilt or should I use ramps and not tilt the trailer? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  22. It has no built in ramp.

  23. Robert have same trailer, installed wheel chocks in front, located so that the tailgate when raised to first mark fit tight against the back wheel. strapped down front wheels. Lamonster has spyder tie down rings which bolt on the shock (LG-1089) Also got the rock shield for the front.

  24. Mark add wheel chocks and ramps.

  25. Have you seen the eyelets that Lamonster Garage has? I am considering get a set.

  26. Good, informative discussion! I’m planning to use the Erickson set up (purchased today at Wal Mart for $32.++) – Amazonian was $42.++. I have a 10′ trailer with the BIG drop ramp – going to need some modifrickations to that because it’s like pulling a SAIL down the highway. I’ll post further info as this gets installed and tested! Thanks to all for their help & sharing experience!

  27. Just ride it why have a bike on a trailer unless it’s broke down

  28. I have wheel chocks on mine and have tye downs through the wheels.

  29. I am using the Erickson 09160 tie down kit. It has straps that go over the wheels and lock into wheel chauxs

  30. I put d rings on front and back of each tire then run a ratchet strap over each tire and that way the bike rides on its own suspension .

  31. Looking good

  32. Got these from Lamonster garage to tie down the front

  33. Looking for one for my CanAm. I am in Vegas.

  34. Mark Patterson

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