I have a 2011 ktm 300 with a very weak spark…


Hi I need advice I have a 2011 ktm 300 with a very weak spark..it won’t start.I tested the coil and stator and everything is fine..spark is just too weak. what can it be?I also checked the kill switch?

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  1. replaced already

  2. Bad earth somewhere

  3. or have ya got a headlamp on it?

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  7. Manualslib.com have a pdf service manual.
    Check the coil resistances in the stator.

  8. What sort of lighting kit are you running? it could have something to do with how much power the lights are drawing on start up

  9. Has no headlights on

  10. Are you sure the coil is good?

  11. and it's fine

  12. coil grounds?

  13. If you're sure the coil checks good and your stator and pickup test right, start looking for bad grounds.

  14. Also, if your only contribution is to tell the guy to buy your favorite brand, why not shut the fuck up? No one cares if you have a Beta. Or a Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, TM, AJP, BMW, Hodaka, Jawa, Bultaco, etc. Why do guys feel the urge to be douchebags here instead of either helping or scrolling by?

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  19. I disagree with you Brian

  20. It ran fine and then one day when i rode it just stopped running and saw that spark is weak

  21. Check your coil wire to plug and check your cdi

  22. Just making sure that he's checking correctly

  23. Dumb lesson learned the hard way, but check that the plug boot is properly seated onto the wire. If in doubt, it sometimes helps to unscrew it, clip 6mm or so off the wire, then screw it back in. Also, see that the little cap inside the boot is properly seating onto the nipple of the spark plug.

  24. had done that already.the coil wire's shock is not so hard as it must be

  25. Ok, so you will want to test your wiring at the terminations in it (connections,plugs, joins)' and if you start near the centre of the harness you can follow ether back toward the stator if there is no power or towards the plug if there is.

  26. Duan Do you follow what im saying there?
    When youve tested a spot, jump to the middle of whats left.

  27. Compression test?

  28. How's the compression mate

  29. Could still be your coil or stator. Ohm meter only puts tiny current through windings. Google :how does an ignition system work on a motorcycle.

  30. compression is very good

  31. I've changed staters on them even with good readings and coils ! And they have been the problem also 2013/15 also auto decompression system holding exhaust valves open slightly but giving a good compression reading , injectors and kill switches !

  32. Replaced the stator coil

  33. I'm just wondering how you know the spark is weak? Did you just sit the plug on the head and turn it over? Or measure it somehow?

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