I have a 2008 outlander max 400 xt


I have a 2008 outlander max 400 xt 7000 miles I just put a brand new cvtech primary clutch and rebuilt the secondary clutch In ok to good shape runs awesome was woman driven on trails only what’s it worth? NADA says four grand but they don’t ask for miles,Kelly blue book says $2700 ??

I have a 2008 outlander max 400 xt

I have a 2008 outlander max 400 xt

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  1. U know a 2021 outlander L is a little cheaper than 7k

  2. Just for a point of reference, I bought an 07 Outlander 400 with 350 miles for $3200. Your price seems a bit steep

  3. I bought my 2006 Outlander 400 HO (not a max or an XT) with 1600 miles for $3100 a couple months ago. Runs good, looks good, new tires. ATV market is a bit hot in Utah during summer months.

  4. Post a bunch of fake ads overvaluing, and then set it on fire, and go from there

  5. I’m in Wisconsin the price is high for wheelers at this time. And a couple months ago our dumb ass governor just passed a law to ride double you have to have a two up so this is a good one to sell around here now. And it’s got a nice snow plow and winch

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