I had Graves’ disease, and had a total thyroidectomy.


I have some possibly dumb questions…
I had Graves’ disease, and had a total thyroidectomy. I am wanting to know if I am still considered an “autoimmune patient.”
Also-I got the flu on Friday (3 days ago) I had a fever yesterday, but no fever all day today. Well tonight my fever went back up (right now it’s 100.3). Does anyone know if the flu can last longer in patients with no thyroid?
Thanks y’all!

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  1. You still have an autoimmune disease but that has nothing to attack. We are not more prone to illness such as flu because of our autoimmune disease.

  2. I asked my surgeon if I still had hashimotos disease. He said that because my thyroid is gone and I had the radioactive iodine that I do not still have it, but with it being an autoimmune disorder it makes it more likely for me to get another autoimmune disease.

  3. No problem, it confused me as well so I had my dr explain it to me. We are more likely to get another autoimmune disease than others once you have one, but that doesnt mean you will.

  4. Thank you both! Such a wealth of knowledge 🙂

  5. You're welcome. I just ask my doctors lots of questions bless their hearts lol.

  6. I need to start writing stuff down! I always have so many, then I get there and I'm all like

  7. Ugh that happens to me too. I can't remember ANYTHING right now. My husband helps me remember things to ask if he comes with me. Otherwise, I do write stuff down!

  8. Chances are you still have tissue remaining, therefore, the autoimmune can still attack. I have to be very vigilant with my autoimmune cuz it is already opened up in me.

  9. I do have a teeny tiny piece of tissue hanging onto a nerve. He had to leave it in order to save the nerve.

  10. I did RAI…and my antibodies are all zero…fingers crossed it stays that way, but I do have to stay very Paleo, GF…even moreso now than prior to my TT…seems like my fibromyalgia is the first thing to flare up if I begin to stray off my diet too much. I do not want my immune system to freak on anything else important in me…no way!

  11. Asked my doc and he said more or less.."yes you do still have Graves but it won't do anything, you are not more prone to any other disease…it's there, but means nothing. All Graves does is attack your thyroid, and your thyroid is gone." This was my PCP not a specialist.

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