I had a sudden muscle spasm/cramp in my right calf


You guys, need some help!
This morning as I was trying to get some extra sleep, I had a sudden muscle spasm/cramp in my right calf. I’m not new to muscle cramps, so I gritted my teeth and waited for the majority of the pain to pass.
Ever since the area is still tender and feels cramped. I did some research and this is apparently what deep vein thromboses feels like. It’s been 8-9 hours since the initial cramp.

Should I expect to still have pain? I remember when I would get muscle cramps ages ago I’d have to take the day off work or school because it was difficult to stand on, is this normal? I just can’t find anything on google to indicate what’s normal. (I may suck at googling things though)

Any help appreciated!

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  1. If it stays tight try booking in for a hot stone massage πŸ™‚

  2. It feels so much better now, been over 12 hours. Just feels, like, tight. But it doesn't hurt.
    I'll see my doctor if it's still bad tomorrow!

  3. If the pain persists beyond today, make an emergency appointment to see your doctor. I've never had a cramp last that long – it's always an instant relief thing for me.

  4. Keep exercising it. Walking around is good for a cramped muscle. But yeah, as Jules says, unless you are certain it is a cramp, don't massage or flex it.

  5. In most cases if you don't know what you're doing, stretching and massaging will make things worse. Unless a qualified PT, massage therapist, or doctor is doing it for you. If anything probably best to just leave it and see your doctor if pain is still present.

  6. Flex your foot and massage your calf. In rescue diving, if someone gets a leg cramp (has happened to me like 20m underwater. Horrendous.), we have to stretch their leg out, grab the calf with one hand, and bend the foot back with the other.

  7. Kristina Ruvinoska google stretches for cramp so you know your doing it right πŸ™‚

  8. Ok seriously no ice ice makes a muscle contract… When a muscle cramps it is already contracting…. You need to relax the muscle in order to stop it from contracting

  9. Or you can use an ice cube in a pinch too.

  10. I vote for ice. Ice makes everything better. Especially when you freeze in those small little Dixie cups and then rub it on where it hurts.

  11. If not you can do the hot and cold trick where you get a hot water bottle and an ice pack and keep swapping but try the stretching first πŸ™‚

  12. You need to stretch and massage at the same time… It will hurt more to start with because when you cramp your muscle tightens and constricts you want to stretch it which it doesn't want to do keep massaging it while you stretch it shouldn't take too long before it relaxes

  13. Definitely no warmth or swelling, just feels really tight, I didn't ask my mum what my uncles deep vein thrombosis was like, and apparently this isn't something I would question if it were happening haha.
    I've found stretching it is making it spasm more, maybe I'm doing something wrong?

  14. If it's a strain or tendonitis (most sources of mystery pain), then it will help sooo yeah.

  15. That's ok πŸ™‚ but in this case it is different she actually had cramp so she knows the cause of the pain therefore stretch and massage πŸ™‚ when I say massage it can be something as simple as squeezing the muscle gently. Ask your cousin though and I will fully accept that I'm wrong and my monthly lifeguard training and first aid has been teaching me wrong this whole time. πŸ™‚

  16. Best is if you can get your hands on an ultrasound massager machine mmmmm…

  17. My PhD physical therapist cousin always always recommends as first line of defense for any pain. If it doesn't help, then move on to other things. But thanks.

  18. Juliet Tallmer RICE isn't for cramps it's for injuries for cramp you stretch and massage and drink water πŸ™‚ I'm a massage therapist and lifeguard so this is kinda where I'm good at πŸ™‚

  19. Do a Google image search of blood clot in leg to see what they look like.

  20. If it feels tight, it is probably a spasm yes. Have you tried RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation)?

  21. Blood clots get really swollen and creepy and ugly looking! And they are hot to the touch!

  22. What kind of pain is it? If you squeeze your calf is it tight? If so it is defiantly cramping can be due to all kinds of things drink water and stretch the muscle out. It is normal for an extremely tight muscle to be painful and that can happen from cramp. If your leg is swollen and warm to touch and slightly red then this could be a blood clot…

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