I found metal scrapings in oil engine


Hi all quick question my Ktm duke 125 2011 I found metal scrapings in oil engine makes a noise once engine has warmed up what’s best to do take engine apart and try replace parts or get a reconditioned engine Iv made sure it had oil at level all the times Iv used it

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  1. I found a loose screw in the clutch case that was depositing metal shavings in the motor

  2. Yes. Looks like taking it apart is a necessity now. These engines usually last about 50k – 75k kms before requiring an engine overhaul /rebuild. Mine lasted 51k before I had to rebuild the head. The rocker arms had worn out badly and the bike was mixing the coolant with the oil

  3. Don’t jump to the worst straight away. My engine made noises only when warm and turned out it was simply the cam chain tensioner being a bit sticky which caused chain slap on the guides. Could you take a video of the noise? I’ll tell you if it’s same.

  4. Hi thanks for the replys the I can get a clip put on soon the engine has only covered almost 20k miles when I hold in clutch a little bit of the noise does go away at first I thought it was the clutch basket was worn

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