I could use some advice on purchasing a new road bike.


Hey everyone!
I could use some advice on purchasing a new road bike. Currently I have a 2010 Trek Alpha and am looking for an upgrade. A few decision points I’ve found difficult to determine are
Performance vs Endurance
Brand X vs Brand Y
Shimano 105 vs ultegra
Carbon wheels vs alloy.
I ride 20-30 miles 3 days a week with goals of completing a century and eventually dabbling in Category racing. My price range is $2000-3000.
Also do you think ultegra is worth the price bump?
Any experience and advice would be much appreciated!

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  1. 105 is fine – as are a good light set of alloy clinchers- should be able to afford a nice carbon frame with that setup.

  2. Are u looking to stay with a trek if so I would look into the trek emonda sl6 the 2018 is a carbon frame and it's right in between the price range.

  3. Love my Fuji Altimira 2.7…lightweight, nimble, rides smooth, and less than $1800. Would do everything you want. I added carbon wheels to mine and it made it ride even better

  4. With your price range, you can find a good bicycle. Don't get fixed on brands. All the major brands are great bicycles, so go for the geometry of the bike based on your own body (A good LBS should help you with that). You definitely can get a carbon bike with Shimano Ultegra components.
    Try as many bikes you can before making your final choice.
    Hope this helps!

  5. Once you go Ultegra you'll never go back. Totally worth it!

  6. I just went for a Synapse Ultegra Disc. The comfort if the synapse made it ideal to ride long distances and also get excellent performance.

  7. Canyon – can't beat them for value for money

  8. N+1 Strikes again

  9. Like most questions on here, the answer is speak to a good independent local bike shop. You will get good advice from professionals, who have a vested interest in you as a satisfied customer who will return and recommend them to friends. Don't buy on-line unless you are 100% sure what you want and you know how to put it together properly. I would be more concerned about frame and wheels rather than group set. There is very little difference between Ultegra and 105, and event the cheaper Shimano are very good now.

  10. Yes on Ultegra, no on carbon wheels

  11. Defiantly go with Ultegra over 105 if you plan on racing eventually. You'll have better response and fewer problems in the long run. If you want, you can upgrade the wheels in the future and use your expensive set for racing and your stock set for training.

  12. Basically there are 5 carbon plants in China that produces frames. It will come down to fit and groupset. A 56 Spesh will feel different than a 56 Trek or Bianchi. Geometry is different from Mfr to mfr. You will need to ride and test and ride some more. Bikes are just as personal as saddles.

  13. Domane. Period

  14. I have 105 they are good

  15. If you're not racing and you're not too concerned with how fast and smooth you shift stick with 105. Ultegra is nice but the difference only really matters when youre trying to shave mere seconds off course times.

  16. Jordan Murdoch If your looking for a high quality road bike give Fezzari.com a look had mine for 4 years with NO problem . build to fit you in Lindon UT. be sure to compare equipment and price …. you will have a great bike !!!

  17. I am madly in love w my carbon wheels. But good ones will be out of that price range. I started w regular wheels and upgraded w used carbon wheels later on when I could afford it. I am now spoiled….

  18. Agree with above poster, you won't find quality carbon wheelset on a bike at that price range. As for bikes, I have a speed demon carbon Ridley and a titanium Lemond….I always grab the titanium. Don't rule out a titanium frame, they are relatively light and extremely forgiving on rough roads and a true pleasure to tide

  19. If you want an upgrade just get a new wheelset. If you want a new bike, get a carbon one with regular wheels. Then later her carbon wheels for it.

  20. At a local bike shop.
    No interwebs

  21. All-city cosmic stallion.
    Only bike you will ever ever need.

  22. I have Ultegra on my road bike and 105 on my gravel bike. Both are 11-speed (i.e. the latest version of each). The 105 works as well as the Ultegra.
    Ultegra is supposedly a little more durable but I gave my niece a 1990 Trek with 105 and the rear derailleur is still working fine.
    Virtually everything else on the bike has been upgraded (I mean, come on, the bike is 27 years old LOL) but that 105 rear derailleur is still chugging along just fine.

  23. I run Campy on my road bikes now but raced on 105 then Ultegra and that was twenty-two years ago. They're both better now and either will work fine for you. But don't worry so much about the groupo, by the best frame you can afford. Components are cheap by comparison. You can always upgrade them later.

  24. Bianchi – Campy – anything worth doing is worth doing right! I couldn't find the Bianchi Intenso Veloce in the right colour anywhere, so I increase (ignored) my budget and stepped up to the Bianchi Infinito Chorus. Wow what a bike; so glad I jumped up to the next league! Like Kevin said, you can upgrade components later. So focus on getting the best bike for you that fits your budget; better yet, go over budget a bit, so that you won't be spending more money down the road upgrading to a better bike. If you'll be racing and want to trim off seconds, look at the road bikes; but if you want to add extra miles, and want to me a little more comfy for long rides, you'll want an endurance frame.

  25. Race on what you can afford to replace.

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