I can’t stand this! I take B-12, magnesium and calcium plus D


I am so tired at different times throughout the day, almost as if I could fall asleep standing up. Last blood work showed me as hyper, and am currently making a small med change….I can’t stand this! I take B-12, magnesium and calcium plus D…..any other suggestions to help the sleepiness?

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  1. I would love to know. I am even having to cut down how long I am in the car because I will feel like I am about to pass out from being so tired. I get plenty of sleep, but it's as if I just took a bunch of benadryl and I fight to keep my eyes open. I'm still Hyper from my GD.

  2. I don't get enough sleep, but that's not new for me. Who knows, maybe it's just catching up to me :/

  3. I would love some advice about this too. I'm EXHAUSTED. I get plenty of sleep and I'm just so tired all the time. I had a TT September 2013. Gone through a few med changes. Last blood work was about 5 weeks ago and I was hyper. She took me off the generic levothyroxine and started me on 137 of synthroid. I'm due to get my blood work next week. I just bought a b-12 supplement and I will now get the vitamin D supplement. I need help!!!!!

  4. sometimes you get so hyper that it feels the same as if you were hypo! happened to me

  5. My TSH was 0.4

  6. I was taking 137mcg 5 days a week and then 1 and 1/2 tabs Saturdays and Sundays. I am now taking 1 and 1/2 tabs only one day a week now……not that big of a change, I don't get it

  7. It's driving me nuts!

  8. personally I cant go by my tsh alone…I need the free T4 results for any med changes…they switched me to 120 one day, 90 the next (I am on armour)…was feeling so hypo but I was really hyper.

  9. They said my T4 was too high

  10. Ashley…you can always skip one day on your own if your T4free is also hyper. That is what I do and pick whichever day I am feeling most hyper in my week. Your body is on hyperdrive with all the hormones, so it is causing internal fatigue. You will feel better if you get that back down to a decent number. By the way, it doesn't make sense that you went from 2 days 1/2 to one day….you should add more 1/2 days not subtract. You were on 822mcg a week and now your on 892….this will not get you where you need to be. I would do 5 days 137, 1 day 1/2, one day zero…

  11. Jill….do you get your T4free and T3free tested. It seems that we see a lot of fatigue at the two year post TT mark…you may need some T3 added at this point. Getting your D3 up will help fatigue a lot. It should be at 75 (30-100)

  12. Kathy Reder…I'm going to check what my levels were right now. I've already tried adding T3 and it did not make any difference at all so I went off. Let me see what my T4 was.

  13. Wait Ashley, I read that wrong… You take 1096 a week, now you take 1029….totally read that wrong. It does not seem like enough of a reduction but, you could still skip one day a week to see if it helps.

  14. My results from 5 weeks ago-

    TSH was 0.06 (norm is 0.50-5.70)

    T4 was 14.8 (norm 4.6 -10.7)

    T3 was 197 (norm 80-200)

    Any advice?

  15. Jill…My advice. Test your T4free and T3free…those numbers tell us what the thyroid hormone is doing. But, just by looking, your T4 is above normal….but truthfully I do not know how to read whole numbers….only frees.

  16. Kathy Reder 2 days 1 and a half tabs to 1 day 1 and a half tabs

  17. I just realized she didn't even test the FT3 and FT4. Why wouldn't she automatically test these? I noticed that my primary tested my FT4 in October and it was 2.0 (says norm should be 0.9-1.8)

  18. I corrected it on my next comment….sorry, I misread it…

  19. Jill…that means you are running hyper….get that tested ASAP..so you can reduce your meds. If you feel hyper, skip a dose….

  20. Don't be sorry! Kathy Reder you are always so helpful ­čÖé

  21. Thank you. I get frustrated with my Endo sometimes. I feel like I'm not being listened too!!! I just emailed her to submit a lab slip for me and make sure she requests FT3 and FT4. Thank you!!

  22. I was feeling that way and addjng the T3 has really helped me

  23. How is T3 added

  24. I had a TT in July 2002 and have complained to my ENDO about fatigue but she just says that it isn't my thyroid. Two years ago I had a Vitamin D deficiency after asking for an extensive blood workup. Since then, I take D3 every day. I also take Calcium, Magnesium & B12 like you. I just started taking a B Complex also. I work full time and am exhausted by Wednesday. On Friday, I feel like I'm going to pass out. I go to bed early on week days and try to get lots of rest and eat good. If anyone can suggest any other supplements for fatigue, I would love you forever. I am going to go to another doctor and discuss adding T3. I've asked my doctor about it and she just says I don't need it. Has anyone just tried T3 on their own and got a supplement over the counter?

  25. So, just asked my Endo to send a lab slip over to check my levels and to make sure she tests my FT3 and FT4. Her secretary sent me an email that they sent the lab slip over but the doctor said I don't need my FT3 and FT4 tested at this time? WHY? My FT4 was abnormal In October and hasn't been tested since! Why is she arguing with me about this? What difference does it make to her if they test for that or not?!?!?

  26. Jill….Mark it yourself….the worst that can happen is she will fire you…then you need to move on cuz she is not a good Endo! It's always better to confront her after and say, it's my body and I have a right to know!!

  27. If they sent it to the lab, go pick it up and mark it then go back to have blood drawn…I swear….these doctors need a good education! Cuz…I don't give a rats ass what my pituitary is talking…I want to know how much active hormone my body is getting T4free and T3free!!

  28. What meds are you on? If you haven't heard of NatureThroid, Google it. It saved my life.

  29. I have been slightly hyper for a while and feeling exhausted. My dr. Reduced my Levo from 175 to 150 mcg and added Cytomel (T3) 5 mcg. My energy level has greatly improved and much less brainfog. My next question when I see my doctor is: our bodies stop reacting to antiboitics if we take too much over time. Does our body do the same with our thyriod meds making readjustment a ongoing process for us?

  30. Tiffiney Conley…I do not think we become resistant to our thyroid meds, but our bodies do change which may require us to find something different. We need hormones to live and that is why it is so important for our doctors to test T4free and T3free….that is how you added your T3 med, I assume, but, many doctors just don't get it, that is why we see so many readjustments.

  31. Kathy Reder, I agree I am fortunate to have a wonderful understanding dr (female). In thr past when I went to male doctors I felt like they had the roll your eyes its a hormonal woman. Not all male doctors of course are like this, but I wouldnt have been so sick for so long had he treated me correctly. He had the nerve to say "Now after testing your levels this time, if they come back "normal" Im sending you to a psychologist" I was done! I now go to a DO who treats my symptoms and tests in all the appropriate tests.

  32. Ridiculous, huh! OMG I was normal for 20 years…I am the biggest nut case of all, right? Doctors! Uh huh..That's why my thyroid was the size of a grapefruit and cancerous…cuz I was cuckooooo :0)

  33. It's not like we can "mark it ourselves" here with lab tests ordered. Everything is done on the computer here now. I did ask for T4 and FreeT3 but she said I don't need the FT3 unless other tests say I do. UGH. It would just be nice to know my numbers. Once I get all set up, my primary will take over for everything and maybe I will have better luck requesting certain tests. He does not do med changes but he will be the test ordering doctor. Meanwhile I just take my Levo (175 mcg) and hope the mid Feb tests are good and that I keep feeling okay…..

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