I can hear several noises from my Duke


Hi, I can hear several noises from my Duke. I will start with the most obvious. When I accelerate there’s a noise coming from below the tank or headlight. It gets noisier with RPM. Did this happen to anyone o you dukers? What did you do to solve?
It is like some plastic not properly fixed.
cheers for the help!

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  1. The ignition switch may be loose. It happened to mine. A raucous noise. I removed the bolt and re-tightened with maximum torque.

  2. Is that where you put the key, right? (yeah i know silly question!)

  3. I am also facing the same issue !! Trying to figure wats wrong !!

  4. I think its in the headlight assembly.. i read from a different page that they put a rubber stopper in between bolts and the problem was addressed.

  5. Headlight assembly,had it myself just removed it and reinstalled and was fine.

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