I am thinking about buying an 1190R


I sold my 990 and I am thinking about buying an 1190R. What are your guys thoughts I know you all love KTM. After riding the 990 I thought I would get something smaller, but the big bore bikes do it for me. I am by no means a pro rider but I handled my 990 ok for the limited experience that I have. The reason I want to get the 1190 is because it is affordable for me.

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  1. 1090r very much later me the 990 suspension, weight and motor wise. 1190 has crappy suspension (just my opinion) 990 still the best of the bunch I can’t bring myself to sell mine just love it

  2. Try and get a 2016 1190R as there are some big upgrades on that model as apposed to the models prior to that. The 1190R is a fantastic bike and should be enjoyed whit the MTC off. Massive differences between the two bikes

  3. Traded my 2013 990R two years ago for 2016 1190R. No regrets!

  4. Definitely a 2016 1190 it’s awesome

  5. I did exactly that and haven’t looked back! Sold the 990 and got a2016 1199R. Magic on the open road and the tight stuff

  6. Thanks gents. If I may ask was there an upgrade on the 2016 1190R. It seems to be the 1190 of choice here.

  7. Robert Kalisch

  8. From my local KTM dealer. \

  9. The 2016 1190 is a winner ……. !! Considered the best balanced bike of its \n time , incredible variable suspension !!

  10. Being a 950 Adventure rider a friend of mine has a 1190r haven’t ridden it yet but man it has legs on tar sections.\nMy neighbor bought a brand new 1090r and i rode it my word its a balanced bike feels very light and flickable for its size… so its had for me to place it.

  11. Just do it(swoosh)\n👍

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