I am seeking something more permanent like the Essure


Question, I currently have the Implanon and love it with the exception of the weight gain that has occurred. I am seeking something more permanent like the Essure.
Anybody on Essure? If so how has it been for you.
I did try the Copper IUD years ago and it was horrible. I hated it so much.

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  1. Theresa Cato

  2. No, I didn't. Stacy Gatcomb Cummings made a post on here a couple of weeks ago about that group she mentioned and I joined and I was honestly appalled and shocked at what Essure has done to these otherwise healthy young women. Many of them have had to have complete hysterectomies as a result of the device. Please, anything but Essure. It will give you nothing but grief.

  3. Kristina Ruvinoska did you get the essure as well?


  5. I'm honestly not sure hun. But i can promise you it'll be a better option. I can tell you personally that after having my uterous and tubes removed, (3 wks ago today), i feel awesome!

  6. Yes true, now i just worry about what side effects do some experience with tubal litigation

  7. Nope, all they see is $$$

  8. and of course they never tell you any of this.

  9. There's comfort in knowing I'm not alone in this.. But had i known then what I know now, i never would have done it.

  10. will do.

  11. Yes. With no clips!!!!! Have them burn it. Nothing foreign.

  12. that is why i was leanig towards it, working full time and being a mother of 3, there is not such thing as down town in my vocabulary. but thanks for the insight. Sorry you had to experience all that.

  13. so it sounds like tubal ligation is the only permanent solution with minimal side effects

  14. P.s. I'm 28.. I didn't sign up to have my lady parts removed.. They SOLD this to me, making me believe in the convenience of it. I was a new mom and knew my hubby and i were done. The 'no down time, no anesthesia, in an out procedure,' sounded ideal.

  15. Please look into the Essure Problems page on here, and you will see that all 14,000 ladies have had the same exact, debilitating symptoms.

  16. Where this is permanent, i urge you to PLEASE research before you make a decision. It's never a good idea to put foreign objects in your body, especially ones that contain heavy toxic metals

  17. I just had a complete hysterectomy on January 5th to remove the Essure coils, as that is the only way. Six weeks after i got them, i began experiencing problems, and i mean SEVERE life changing problems. Constant pelvic pain that radiated down my legs, abdominal swelling, mood swings, irregular periods, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, IC.. i could go on for days about this..

  18. Please do not get essure!! There is a support group on here called Essure problems. There is currently over 14,000 of us women on there. This device is unsafe!! After the FDA approval in 2001, essure changed it's Patten. Essure, who is currently owned by Bayer, also went through the preemption process, which prevents consumers from being able to sue them.. Why do you think they went through this?

  19. Stacy Gatcomb Cummings

  20. I would not recommend the essure at all. I have heard many lawsuits are going on. The only birth control that causes weight gain by itself is the depo shot! I would talk to your doctor and discuss the "permanent" route ­čÖé

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