I am ashamed to say I cheated last night on my LID


I am ashamed to say I cheated last night on my LID.( I ate a piece of my son’s pizza. Honestly, I don’t know why I did it and I won’t do it again. I don’t want anyone to think I’m not taking this seriously. I feel horrible about it.) I can’t be the only one that’s ever cheated. Now, I’m worried about my numbers and the RAI. I’m embarrassed to have to call the hospital on Monday and ask the nice lady if I can still have it done. I will stay on track until this coming Friday but I’m wondering if anyone else cheated and did it affect their test. 🙁

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  1. Don't worry about it…it is probably not enough to make a huge difference…just detox, drink lots and lots of water to flush…it's low iodine not no….you will do fine. :0)

  2. I don't know about what test you are doing, but, just tell the truth and if they have to change your test. You are human !

  3. I had some butter on my unsalted matzo last night -_-

  4. Don't think one piece of pizza will do too much damage, it's low iodine, not NO iodine. But drinking lotsa water is great advice!

  5. Ok, I feel better now. I felt SO guilty after I inhaled that pizza. I will NOT cheat again. Only one more week!

  6. I'm having mine Wednesday!!

  7. Question: Are you having the RAI instead of the TT?

  8. I had my TT a month ago

  9. Kristen may I ask, why you also need the RAI? I always thought it was one or the other.

  10. Most processed foods do not use iodized salt anyways…I found iodized salt in more natural or organic foods….so chances are you weren't iodized anyways…you might be able to eat pizza again :0)

  11. I have cancer and since they can't scrape every thyroid cell when they do your TT you need RAI to kill any remaining cancer cells

  12. The problem is the dairy… You can't eat dairy on the low iodine diet

  13. Oh yes that's right….duh…I have forgotten about the dairy…must still be in denial, I did not like the low iodine diet…and missed my egg yolks.

  14. Lol I know girl! I am counting down the minutes till I'm done

  15. I cheated, it's a low iodine diet not no iodine. We are only human and the stress of what we are going through doesn't make it easy to adhere to such a strict diet. I didn't have any issues with my scans from it.

  16. Believe it or not my radiologist didn't put me on a super strick lid diet could have a lot others didn't here. In fact many were surprised on what I was allowed. Of course the less iodine the better….. But my numbers came out just fine and proceeded with my tx this past thurs because my numbers were still above what they needed. I think you will be fine but stick to it from now on.

  17. The letter I got said I can eat again 24 hours after my treatment. I have it all planned out. The first thing I'm going to eat is EGGS for breakfast…..then pizza for supper. One thing I've found that I don't miss is the fast food/junk food. I'm going to make some changes in my diet when I can eat again. No more drive through junk. I've gained some weight through all of this and making some changes will help me shed the 30 pounds I need to lose.

  18. And darn those girl scouts and their cookies! There they were, right inside at the store when I went to get some bottled water. I bought a couple of boxes for my boys but I'm not even tempted. Sweets aren't my downfall……it's pizza and anything with cheese on it.

  19. So I'm planning on doing the same BUT I've heard that nothing tastes good for awhile so I'm scared

  20. Kristen Constantine Oreste, I had my TT on the 29th of December. It sounds like we are on about the same timeline.

  21. Yep mine was on jan 5… When's your RAI

  22. This coming Friday.

  23. Ok I'm Wednesday so so I'll give u a play by play… U doing thyrogen?

  24. No thyrogen…..I look forward to your full report and hope you get good news!!

  25. I just had my TT done on the 20th of January. I am new at this even though the surgeon believes I have hade thyroid disease for quite a long time and I agree with all the symptoms I have had for years. I went from an idiot Dr. to a new one, finding out that I was Hypo, Hashimoto"s, and Cancer, all in a 2 short weeks. I am waiting for the pathology report/surgeon visit to confirm or not confirm the cancer part. My sonogram and biopsy were both suspicious for follicular carcenoma

  26. Praying you get good news, Leslie!! I have also ditched my endo. I was going to anyway because I just wanted to find one closer to where I live. But the lack of communication from his office only proves I am making the right decision. I probably should have had a TT before now.

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