Hydrologic Clutch Membrane


Hydrologic Clutch Membrane:

I went to the dealership to get Motorex hydraulic fluid & they were out. The guy says the Polaris hydraulic fluid is the same stuff. I get that.

Long story short, my oem membrane swelled up til it wouldn’t fit. I go back to a different location to get Motorex fluid & had already ordered a new membrane kit online ($27 to the door). I talked to the guy in sales & he went back to ask a mechanic in service. He said the fluid is the same, no need to waist money. He said I must have got it wet?

The new membrane has now swelled up now too. Apparently the fluid is doing this, but why? Would anything else be messed up now? Anything in the Rekluse clutch slave?




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  1. What motorex fluid are you using? If it’s anything other than DOT 4 or 5.1 is the wrong fluid. You should not be using motorex mineral oil or anything labeled as \

  2. Hydraulic fluid is the wrong stuff, read the top of the cap in your picture.

  3. It’s highly likely the slave cylinder seals are also deteriorating, so replacing those and performing complete flush would be advisable. We can gladly perform for you end of next week as the slave cylinder rebuild can be tricky to get o rings in without slicing them,..we have a tool

  4. Dot 4 or 5.1 only. Anything else will swell the rubber in the system

  5. dot 4 fluid not hydraulic fluid

  6. Better go through the whole thing. All the rubber will swelled

  7. I’m sorry, I worded it wrong. Not hydraulic fluid. I was thinking hydraulic clutch. It’s DOT 4.

  8. Other possibility is having ever used contact or brake cleaner on the bladder

  9. I cleaned the outside of it with contact cleaner after I bleed it & put the cap back on to clean the excess that dropped on the outside of the reservoir. Would that of done all that?Bobby Wooldridge

  10. Do you have a brembo or magura? If a brembo ya gotta use dot 4 fluid, for a magura ya gotta use magura blood. Flushing the the residual and rebuild the master and you should be ok. Done it myself…lol

  11. Been there done that as my dad posted above… I put mineral oil in mine. ( calls for .4) \nIt ruined the master and that rubber thing. The rubber is 22.00 with a new cap from ktm.\n\nIt’s hard to believe that mineral oil ruin something that was designed for brake fluid…\nSo thinking that it was a fluke I took the other clutch master cylinder off my other bike and ruined that one too, lesson learned!\n\nGet ready to rebuild the master.

  12. Since it’s already swelled: I wonder if soaking the rubber in DOT4 brake fluid would allow to return to normal size? The fluid may suck the contaminants out of the rubber.

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