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Got an embarassing personal question – my wife and I are looking at getting into motorcycle trailer camplng. Ideal camping locations sometimes do not have access to close by traditional toilet facilities. And even where facilities are at a site, walking 1/4 mile to the showers in the middle of the night wouldn’t be too fun. In general what are the best options? In my mind, i see anything from a bent over tree and trench from my boyscout days to a 5 gallon bucket.

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  1. i haven’t tried this yet but found it on pinterest because I had the same question, a 5 gallon bucket lined with a garbage bag and a cheat toilet seat from walmart to go on top of bucket.

  2. A luggy loo. Seriously it’s a toilet seat that fits on a 5 gallon bucket. You can get it at cables or bass pro

  3. Thanks Dennis and Tara – looking at the Luggable Loo at Amazon $13 plus some trash bags + Kitty litter or that bio-blue deordorizer and I think the $20 privacy pop up tent looks like it’s all would be easy to pack and store and wouldn’t take up much room.

  4. when my girl scout daughter went camping with me the first thing she always did was collect rocks or logs and build a toilet.. Tools required – small camp shovel to dig a hole before building and to cover it before leaving.

  5. Get yourself a trailer with it’s own shithouse,& shower mate.

  6. K Guys no LOL from any of you- My husband uses a big bottle and after having 6 kids I don’t always have the option of mad dash and use a weepee with his bottle in the tent. He needs the bottle because prostate cancer has disturb his control a bit

  7. Google Outback Porta Privy

  8. We use one when we’re Boondocking

  9. Try state fish and game area’s that have camping. They usually have the best shower houses

  10. We used a traditional Korean pee pan so you don’t have to run at night.

  11. Gator Aide bottle for him, large, plastic peanut jar for her.

  12. 5 gallon bucket, pool noodle around the rim with a plastic bag in it. the noodle with a split in it holds the plastic bag. been there, done that, keeping the bucket!! lol P.S. noodle makes a comfy seat in an emergency. the bag can be closed and set outside. just saying

  13. This is the best camping toilet

  14. Very Simple up and down !!! Fits in small space

  15. I use a hospital urinal set it up in plastic hospital pan so if it were to tip over it won’t go anywhere. Call it my half bath. Wife has always made the trip to bathroom usually with me in tow. Plan to use Don Maxey’s out house idea for wife.

  16. Sturgis rider friendly establishment app. I think I have the title correct. I’ve used it a few times. Still has a few bugs.

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