How to Remove VN800 Spark Plugs


What you guys use to remove your spark plugs off a VN800? My 18mm tool that I’ve used on all my other bikes is not working


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  1. If the 800s are like the 1500s a standard plug socket it too thick. I took a cheaper socket and just ground the edges down with a bench grinder. If your bike still has the factory tool kit there should be a plug wrench or socket in there that will work as well.

  2. Pretty much what Chris said above but I got lucky and found a thinwalled version of the 18mm plug socket at a local parts store. The brand was Performance Tools if that helps at all.

  3. Plug socket

  4. I grinded mine as well , 500 isn’t as bad, however the socket fits better ground

  5. Thats why its important to keep manufature tool kits that come with bikes

  6. Then shame on previous owner. I had a 77 and a 79 hondas both with complete tool kits

    • I bought it after the previous owner was in an accident with it. I think he just wanted to get it away from him LOL

    • Partzilla has the tools, $8.99 for the plug socket. Not cheap as a socket wrench goes, but I bought an extra to put in the tool chest. Ebay has some also, but not cheaper.


    Yeah. I don’t have the toolkit. The previous owner did some sloppy stuff on this bike imo. I’ll grind another deep 18mm socket I have around.

  7. Tool pouch.

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