How to remove the Can Am decal?


Greetings… got my first Can Am a couple of months ago and I’m loving it. I’ve added a few upgrades like a windshield, Baja Ron sway bar and Elka Stage 2 front and rear. I’m ready for some paint now and my question is how to remove the Can Am decal without damaging the paint. I have a heat gun but I feel that might be to intense. Hair Dryer?

How to remove the Can Am decal?

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  1. Has the sway bar made a significant improvement with handling around turns

  2. oh no, that is such a nice looking machine. Don’t paint it.

  3. Looks awesome, great paint already. No need to paint it.

  4. Great looking as is

  5. Remove the sticker maybe But i’d definetly leave the paint alone.

  6. Great looking machine I love mine

  7. Cover with Goo-Gone for 10 minutes, heat with hair dryer till it is very hot. Scrape with rubber and/or fingernails ­čÖé Mine came right off.

  8. My 2016 is a very close color scheme. I want those colored handle bars though! Really brings the bike together & helps that color pop

  9. heat up just one end until you can get the edge to lift up with a fingernail or some non-scratch device like a wooden popsicle stick or rubber spatula, then just keep it hot as you work very slowly down to the other end heating it up as you go. It should all be one piece, and it will come off that way if you have the patience.

  10. Wow beautiful I want one.

  11. Whoever is doing the paint should know the best way to remove the decals if they don’t I wouldn’t trust with the paint.

  12. Do NOT use a heat gun. Use a hair dryer on high and take your time. NO sharp blades or anything that will scratch or gouge the surface.

  13. We’ve taken quite a few decals off with the heat guns and haven’t had issue with automotive stuff…
    Btw- did the sway bars make a big difference?

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  15. Welcome from Memphis TN enjoy

  16. It’s the best color combination brp has put together if it were me I wouldnt touch a thing

  17. I agree with Don. It’s gorgeous, leave it alone.

  18. Leave it. It’s fairly subtle despite its size, and the orange suspension helps the letters blend into the body paint color.

    I like my red with white hood stripe, but I kinda wish it had a contrasting color for the suspension instead of all black (dark gray would be nice).

  19. Save that frunk lid and purchase a new one. CheapCycleparts.

  20. where do I buy the lights for the underneath?

  21. You would think they would put on a correct size decal!

  22. Babes in toyland

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