How to make KX250 faster?


What are some ways to make my 1988 kx250 faster other than losing weight and changing sprockets.

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  1. Change out of secong gear it worked for my cousin.

  2. You have all these dirtbike memes on your page like a full blown moto rider, but have no clue as to how to make your bike faster?

    • What can I not like dirt bike memes?. Im rather new to 2strokes.
      Not that I dont know either, i want to know more ways.

    • new reeds, better water pump, oversized rads, repack your exhaust, gain a tooth in your front sprocket, big bore kit, grease your bearings. there’s tons of stuff to get a lil more power from bikes. 2t or 4t. did you count the teeth on your sprockets?

    • Not yet was planning on doing that later today.

    • 2t’s are very easy to maintain, but you have to care for them. would save you a headache if you got a shop manual for your 88′, set everything (suspension/air screw) back to stock, and go from there. if you’re new to 2t’s, please make sure that old girl is fully warmed up before you give it hell. give your reeds and stuff a look over too. for a 88, she should still wana rip your arms off. you could be running a 13/48 sprocket setup too. this dumbs her down a lil, but it’s useful for trail or tight tracks. how’s 4th gear feel to you?

    • if that exhaust has never been repacked since 1988, she won’t run the best either. but i would tear her down and make sure everything is tight and smooth, maybe throw some boyesen power reeds in it, and start modding from there. go over everything with a toothbrush basically.

    • I haven’t got to 4th yet i got it for $350 and the guy said it would run it did but not long ow good. It had to be rebuilt should be done this weekend the exhaust deffinately has to be repacked.

  3. Bore it out 10 thou port and polish you will notice big difference.

  4. High compression piston and rings!!

  5. Practising riding skills is almost always the best improvement.

  6. I’m not worried about going faster now lol

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