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Hey guys, quick question…..recently bought an 05 636 that has been lowered using some sort of adjustable bracket. I know absolutely nothing about lowering a bike. Never had the desire to do so (6′ tall). So, like I said….bracket on rear suspension. My question is do guys do anything to the forks or front end in conjunction with the bracket? Or is it just the rear suspension compressed. Would hate to remove the bracket and fork oil starts leaking. What’s the down side to having it so low the under fairing scrapes speed bumps?

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  1. If done correctly it should have been lowered through the forks as well. Easy way to check is just measure the distance from the top yoke (triple tree) to the top of the fork leg. If you’re getting something like about 20mm the fronts been lowered as well.

  2. The tops of the front forks need to be almost flush with the upper triple clamp, most people will lower front and back when they’re doing it. Also most rear lowering links have different holes for heights, one of them should be stock height, so you won’t have to buy a new one

  3. This is the best picture I have of mine

  4. Like the photo above… remove the lower dog bones and replace with standard dog bones. Then reset fork to factory hight

  5. Awesome thanks for all your help.
    So, is there a down side to handling with a bike low enough to scrape speed bumps……besides scraping

  6. Honda , Kawasaki or what ever bike it may be was tested within an inch of there lives before they hit our show rooms. They were all setup to the best stock form for everyone (best handling , comfort etc) It’s okay to change these things if you know what your doing. Or if your tracking the bike. But in all honesty I’d keep it stock hight as it dose change handling having it lower.

  7. I did also forget to add if they bought good quality after market dog bones. You won’t have to buy standard ones as there should be 3 holes (3 heights) to set it too. The middle one will be stock height. But we again need to bring forks up to stock height

  8. Max really sucks that people constantly tweak what took engineers several years to perfect.

  9. Tell me about it

  10. Mines lowered 40mm on the rear and 20mm on the front. To me it feels like I’m fighting it more cornering than at stock height.

  11. You might need to buy a factory kickstand if yours was chopped and welded like mine was.

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