How to keep these fuel systems clean?


Hey guys, anyone have any suggestions on how to keep these fuel systems clean. Filters seem to be getting clogged to often. 2011 250xcf is the bike

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  1. Have you tried a fuel sock?

  2. Make sure you put in clean fuel. Change the inline filter relatively often. I’ve used nothing and still on the original in-tank filter on a ’14 500 with 150 hours. Just don’t dump anything in the tank.

  3. Zipty racing sells a trick inline filter I have one 2011 350

  4. There was a recall on the original filters for 11-12 KTM bikes. They changed to a new filter due to clogging issues.

  5. x2 on fuel sock. They’re a must on those bikes.

  6. Fuel sock and non ethanol fuel. 2011/12 have a history of issues related to ethanol fuel. The “v filer” in the fuel line can become clogged, with out being able to visually see the contamination. They are only a buck or two, keep some in stock.

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