How to find TDC on compression stroke for AVL/LB engines


Can some experienced riders tell me how to find TDC on compression stroke for AVL/LB engines. I was going through the service manual and found that valves need to be adjusted only at this TDC position. I was wondering if I have been doing it wrong.

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  1. Remove the plug put the bike in gear on the centre stand. Place a short screwdriver in the plug hole. rotate the wheel and watch the screwdriver go up to the maximum height. Tdc on compression stroke will be after the inlet valve has depressed. At tdc the rockers will be loose and adjustment can be done.

  2. explanation of a dial gauge…. it is a device that screws in where the spark plug goes…… and has a spring mounted probe that reaches to the top of the piston and will help you assess when you are at TDC or how many degrees before or after TDC ­čÖé a very helpful device…..

  3. Thank you for your response Pru Holgate. I will consider getting a dial gauge. But is it an absolutely necessary tool?

  4. As per the service manual the rocker covers have to be off. Is this required?

  5. Perfectly explained by Derek Sowton and Pru Holgate!

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