How to carry pet by motorcycle?


Anyone out there motorcycle trailer camp with their pet? Is there a way to safely secure a med size dog crate to a bunkhouse xl?

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  1. I have never tried or seen it done. But it seems to me a cargo net would be very secure. Also, when fastening things done remember the power of the X. The criss cross features are strong and less likely to slip.

  2. You would have to put it where the cooler goes otherwise no.

    • Wanna stay away from that area due to exhaust and noise, pipes a bit loud, not like wake up the neighbors loud but loud enough I am thinking.

  3. Strangest thing I ever saw was goldwing with a trailer receiver and in it was one of those cooler platforms and o that Platform was a dog crate with well a dog inside. Dog seemed quite fine but boy was that thing bringing down that back end to where the steel structure structure was a meat 2 inches from the surface. Couple things came to mind on this, 1 how loud it must be for the dogs sensative ears, pipes and road noise 2 it was raining, how much road slime water comes off that rear tire.

  4. Side car?

    • Got me a trike (HD Tri glide) the wife is in love with that trike, plus she hates and I mean hates sidecars lol she be a funny gal….. can I trade her for the dog hmmmmm

  5. I m getting a dog backpack. Got the legs sticking out.

  6. I strap my dogs kennel down with a couple of ratchet straps, make sure to block the wind with card board or something if it starts raining, they don’t have leathers to help keep them warm

  7. She gets mad when I don’t bring her with on on bike, she’ll go in the garage find something of mine, and tear it to shreds on the door step, then run and hide when I get home from my bike ride lol.

  8. These guys got nothing on Mitt Romney!

  9. I have one of these that I found online at I made some very necessary adjustments by building an inner frame with 1′ pic pipe with elbows to make it more rigid against the wind. It works great, don’t forget the “Doogles” to protect her eyes. (Petsmart). “Little Jerry” is a “chick magnet” LOl

  10. I’ ve seen lots of folks with various sided pets along the way, we simply truck camp when the dog is involved, kind of sucks but truck camping has it’s upside, you can bring everything along and then some extras.

  11. I put another rack above the cooler rack , I sit his carrier on it and strap it down

    • Wouldn’t happen to have any pics of the setup? The need to know more intensifies….. join the mobile infantry, service guarantees citizenship.

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