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I just read about not storing the food in the tent or the bike. I want to learn how to camp safely, so where do you store your food

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  1. Wait a minute, I’ll have my trailer, so why not lock the cooler in it

  2. Hanging from a tree, if you are in bear country.

  3. I hang mine in a waterproof stuff sack from a tree. At least 10 feet away from the trunk and 10-15 feet in the air, and around 50-100 feet away from my campsite.

  4. Dangling from a tree branch on the end of a rope…. away from your tent!

  5. Jeff Goldstein, what if I locked the cooler in my trailer

  6. Your trailer may get destroyed by a bear. I left food locked in my car once and it was covered in raccoons. Imagine it being bear.

  7. Bears will destroy your trailer to get to the food. Arrr…please note that bears really like doughnuts… ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Bears rip open car trunks I don’t think having it locked in a cooler is a good idea

  9. Damn Susan McFarland, can I just shoot the bear if its being destructive

  10. Susan McFarland, never mind no personal weapons are allowed in parks

  11. I camp in a camper trailer. My cooler locks. But I still keep it outside. I don’t want any un-invited visitors in the night. That just causes gun fire. lol I’d rather have to replace a little food than patch bullet holes in my camper.
    But seriously – keep food out of your tent. If you’re in the wilderness – I have read – string a rope between two trees and hang the food from the center of the rope about 10 feet up.

  12. Oh Susan…Now I know why I camp solo. hahaha

  13. Use common sense or its a matter of natural selection

  14. Common sense, no way, that’s like political correctness

  15. In areas that have bears many campgrounds have "bear boxes" to store your food in away from your tent/camper. I don’t set my kitchen up close to my sleeping quarters. I own a Engel cooler that is supposedly "bear proof". I don’t believe it for a moment. Just keep all foodstuffs and perfumed items away from where you sleep and maintain a clean camp and you should have no problems.

  16. Thanks Ron Prater, that’s what I was looking for

  17. Im not good with political correctness Im a white Christian Southerner that rides a motorcycle and works for my income. Hasn’t worked for me yet… lol

  18. Tracy N Yolanda Knowles, your a good American. I served for 26 years and I love to see people enjoying their freedoms.

  19. All to many other americans trying to take them away. Whats wrong with having a gun, riding without a helmet, eating all the bacon,drinking large soda, and smoking a big joint ? Im not sure if its all bad or they are just jealous LOL

  20. Oh Mike Board thanks for your service

  21. Your more then welcome, its all I’ve ever known and I miss it so

  22. Enjoy retirement and let the young men hold the fort…. if you plan on traveling on your bike I would suggest the Ozark mountains of Missouri around the first two weeks of october. The leaves turn and the mountains are a thing to see

  23. Never had Bear issues in the wild; campgrounds… maybe.. set the stage for interreactions beyond what you get in the wilderness.

  24. Pour bacon grease on the side of a nearby generator-droning RV. That should divert any bear away from your site. What great fun too see a bear licking the side of a Winnebago…evil laugh

  25. Ted… U da MAN!!!

  26. Was camping at Big Meadows and these people were making mixed drinks with hot peppers, they passed out in the tent and left the jar of peppers open, they woke up to a skunk screeching because it ate some peppers and it was burning its mouth, they bailed out and did not get sprayed, they were lucky.

  27. I got me some stepsons I’d like to pull that on.

  28. David Rader only because the skunk wasn’t sure who to blame for what was going on lol

  29. They left their tent wide open also, lol, they never zippered it up.

  30. Saddle bag. I also wash (30 feet from tent), dry, and pack my cooking gear as soon as I’m done eating.

  31. Btw bears also like toothpaste and deodorant. Basically if it has a scent it should be in a bear bag or bear barrel. Got some Boy Scouts that can tell you first hand what happens if stored in your tent. Thankfully aside from the trauma everyone was okay. Lot of people slept in cars that night.

  32. The first time I went on a trip with my husband we were in bear country. I got up in the night and got nutter butters and brought them in the tent ( I was sleep eating) but when we woke up in the morning and he saw them I remember him saying "damnitt woman, nutter butters? Do you know how much bears love peanut butter?" That lecture lasted half an hour lol. I’m just glad I don’t do that anymore.

  33. Racoons are rascals for tearing into tents, also. Not as big as a bear, but just as scary in the middle of the night.So that is how I learned my lessons about food storage.

  34. We had people cleaning a cabin in the smokies one time that took their pizza lunch with them. They went upstairs for a bit and came back down to find a bear had come through the screen door and was standing at the pool table eating their pizza. Lol

  35. Bears can smell food over a mile away.

  36. Rhonda Young, he could have the pizza and the pool table. Me and the wife were in Gatlinburg and this store had this bear in a cage, he would wave and beg for food. My wife said don’t you wanna wave at the bear. I said he’ll no he gets out I don’t want him knowing me.

  37. Yep, used to work in Gatlinburg ๐Ÿ™‚ bears walking down the street are not unheard of. The sad thing is that people create the problem by (even sometimes intentionally) feeding them. Btw… If you see a bear cub, leave it alone, yeah, they are cute and harmless but if it gets scared then it’s gonna yell and momma is never far away!

  38. I carrya big pistol all the time, But I don t keep any food in my camp. A park ranger said they used honety buns to lure them in for trapping.

  39. The safest is to put food in tent and you in hammock 15 feet off ground. Take camera to get cool pics

  40. I only keep beer at my site and eat in town. Less supplies for me to have to carry.

  41. Hang it from a tree.

  42. I keep all my food at restaurants. Bears can’t get it there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. Good question. Any serious answers?

  44. Hang it from a tree. 10 feet up and 5 feet out from the trunk. Least that’s what you do in Montana.

  45. Piss around the perimeter of your campsite. The smell of human scent will keep most foraging critters away! Wish it worked on mosquitoes and ants!

  46. belly works good

  47. Wow, we got quite a bunch of intreped bear getters. Been at dis 45 years, never had to discuss dominance with a bear. Ants, coons, skeeters, ticks, dey all is worrysum. But, I have even failed to get a bruin , during hunting season.I can c I needs a guide. LOL

  48. Like mentioned before, I would expect it’s only an issue if you are camping in the campgrounds where people have been stupid and fed them.

  49. If you camp on the Blue Ridge Parkway / Skyline Drive you can very well have a bear problem. Also primitive camping in George Washington National Forest. They walk through my yard every so often.

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