How quick do people go through brake pads?


How quick do people go through brake pads? 250m and mile have 1mm left!

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  1. I ate through pads at around 400, we did do a week with huge ascents and mega down hills and that destroyed the rears. Also had to renew the back gear cogs( can't remember their name)
    I swapped to downhill pads and be all good since then.
    E bikes are more like maintaining a motorbike tbh.

  2. Not all pads are equal. Friend was getting thru a set a day in Morzine a few years ago. Cheapest is not best. A set of Xt vented pads lasted me 10 days on the alps. Steer clear of Superstar pads. They're made of cheese

  3. Not something I thought I'd but now you mention it braking can be more severe with e bikes

  4. Depends on the rider simple as that .

  5. Good question Graham Steel… worth using the search box on top right of the group as I know we have had some good discussions here about which brake pads are best for eMTBs 🙂

  6. Sorry never thought to do that. But when do people change pads when they have .5 mm left or before?

  7. Some pads have built in soft aluminum to warn you . Using some vented Kool Stops . We eat up pads here 250 -300 miles max !

  8. Over the last 2 years we have gone through sooooo many break pads riding on the Afan Park trails…. these are by far the best pads we have found so far, recommended by Darran John. They are a great price from this link as well! (Y)

  9. Has anyone used ebc brakes there motor bike brakes but make pads for cycles too

  10. They will be good no doubt EBC are a renowned quality brand . . I have them in my Triumph motorcycle 🙂

  11. Yes tried the ebc and binned them. The backing plate was manufactures too thick and as a result the pads just constantly rubbed the discs

  12. I've done over 3k miles on the original set and my bike does over 30mph.

  13. This is what one descent off the black mountains did to my old bike. Actually got the pads smoking.

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