How painful Is it? Is it an outpatient surgery?


I’m having a partial thyroid removal on Tuesday. What can I expect? My levels have always been normal. How painful
Is it? Is it an outpatient surgery? Any info would be great. Thank you

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  1. Not as painful as I thought it would be. It's a lttle uncomfortable. I ate blended foods for the first few days. Good Luck!!

  2. Hey Amanda! I had a partial 10 days ago for a inconclusive nodule. My levels were also normal. I do have hashimotos though. For me, I was a nervous wreck essentially for no reason!! All I had to do was change, give a urine sample, r they started an IV and that was it. Anesthesia saw me preop and gave me a little anti anxiety meds to take the edge off. I have about a 3 minute knowledge of the ride and the actual OR, I was put out so fast. I was back in recovery and awake in 2 hours. Very dry throat. Had ice chips, then water. Stayed there for 2.5 hours then was discharged home. Sore throat from intubation for a couple days. Slight incision tenderness (very minimal) and decreased range of motion (again not bad!) for a couple days. I took norco once daily for two days to help me sleep but that was it. I'm 10 days out and feel great! I still have steri strips on which I'm sure will come off tmrw at my postop appt. incision is very small. You will do great!!!! Try not to stress

  3. It's usually an over night stay

  4. Surgery and the pain wasn't bad at all. The only thing I felt was low calcuim problems. My energy levels were a little low after surgery. Also.. it can play a toll on your emotions. Whatever happend to me the next day I weeped, not cried for like 2 hours in the hospital. Just be prepared it can happen.

  5. Ok good maybe I'll be an outpatient. I don't know why but this surgery is making me a nervous wreck. Maybe because of the unknown biopsy

  6. I had a total removal it was not bad at all. They kept me over night to monitor my calcium. I took pain Meds once after survey it was pretty easy. I read all kinds of horror stories on line but mine was easy. Good luck.

  7. Your surgeon should tell you if it's outpatient or overnight. I'm surprised they haven't told ya already! Might wanna call the surgeon's office and ask.
    It's a major surgery, so you'll have some pain. But they'll keep it managed, and you'll bounce back before you know it!
    You'll check in, you'll get a pretty bracelet :), you'll get your weight, BP, etc, then they'll have you sign all your paperwork, then they'll send you to the pre-op area. You'll hang out there for a bit. While you're there, the nurse will come start your IV (likely just fluids and antibiotic at this point). Then you'll meet the anesthesiologist, you'll sign their papers, and they'll make sure you haven't eaten or drank anything, and they'll wanna know about any past issues, allergies, etc. If you're nervous, now's the time to tell them that they can hurry up with the calming medicine lol 🙂
    Then your surgeon will come, tell you what to expect, ask him any questions at that time (before you're drugged up). Then you'll wait some more, then all of a sudden they'll come grab you and wheel you back for surgery.
    When you get to the OR, you'll see lots of lights and metal. It's pretty cool looking back there! Then they'll have you scoot onto the table, they'll strap you down, and knock ya out. You'll take a great nap, and you'll wake up in a recovery room. At this point your nurse will give you more pain meds, and hopefully an ice back. Then your anesthesiologist and doc will come go over everything with you. Then you'll start recovering. 🙂

  8. Calcium was low?

  9. Oh yeah, they'll make sure you don't have any metal. So if you wear your hair up, make sure it's the kind that doesn't have metal! They'll put a sexy scrub cap on you, too. Take a selfie!!

  10. The wait is the worst part, I had a TT one year ago on Feb. 10. The surgery wasn't bad at all. I had Panera Mac and cheese and potato soup 2 hours after waking up. Everyone is different. I was not hoarse at all.

  11. Do they suspect something is wrong? Did you have a problematic biopsy?

  12. My surgery was at 2pm and I was release at 5am

  13. Atypical on my FNB. They will send the thyroid for further testinf

  14. I know it is hard to relax- and scary but you won't have results till later so save the anxiety till later. Easier said then done I am sure

  15. I would worry for myself more about what it will do to my neck as discs are bad…

  16. It's the easiest surgery I had. No problems. You will do fine. Minimal pain. Good luck

  17. I've had many surgeries. I just had a breast reduction the 11th of this month. I am
    Mostly worried about how I'm going to feel after. I'm ALWAYS tired, achy, memory shot, weight gain and so on. I just don't want it to get worse. I'm hoping it gets better.

  18. Mine was easy! Went home a few hours after surgery. Minimal pain, throat a bit scratchy from the tube they put down your throat. Not bad at all. I had a small incision, no drains. Hope your surgery goes well.

  19. I've had a lot of surgeries too, I have to say the partial I had in 2000 was probably the easiest. Home a couple of hours afterward and recovery was fairly easy, sore throat a couple of days and soft foods then I was good to go. Had the rest removed last year. I would suggest to you that you insist on testing more than just your TSH while you are going along with half a thyroid. I thought I was doing fine too, but slowly I gained weight those 15 years and looking back, I probably should have been on meds.

  20. Mary what else should I be tested for. The Drs around here seem to be stuck solely on just TSH

  21. if only half is coming out your other half will hold on to the levels and you shouldnt need meds but they will keep up testing just in case I hope , its an easy surgery -no stress but when I came home after my first surgery I told my husband I wasnt able to wash dishes or cook or clean for 2 weeks and it worked ! Me bad

  22. i had a full thyroid removed – I was in the hospital – it was not out patient – there was a little pain the first day but after that I did not need pain meds any-more

  23. I just went for my pre testing. I have to stay over night

  24. Had a TT on Tuesday and it has not been bad. I am making myself take it easy this week and will up my activity level next week. But I was doing some laundry today. Had to go get labs drawn today and it was nice to get out of the house. I felt pretty sore when I first woke up but got pain meds and have been fine since.

  25. You will be able to pretty much do anything after 48 hours. They kept me for 2 or 3 days..they expected me to have problems because of age and liver issues. Just do no heavy lifting. You have an incision in your neck and can rip crap open. I just didn't lift anything over 15 lbs for the first two weeks, but wasn't homebound or bed ridden but was warned to not overdo it.

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