How often should I take a test if I can’t keep track of my cycle?


I got my IUD placed on oct.2nd, l love it so far. My boyfriend is glad I went on it, doesn’t have to worry about me missing a pill even though I was really good at taking it. He wants me to take a pregnancy test every so often but I don’t feel I need to. Since I had so much irregular bleeding 3 or so weeks ago I don’t even know when my last period was.. What I am asking is how often should I take a test if I can’t keep track of my cycle?

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  1. I check mine ever week or so but my gyno said that's even too much but just to check it once a month after your period

  2. So odd but I have a friend who's bf checks for her strings. Not sure if it's the same bc or not.

  3. Ya something to get use to! Lol. I was cramping last night but no bleeding, so who knows when I will.

  4. No problem! I know it's soooo weird not to bleed because with everything else – bleeding is normal. So it's super strange to think IUD is still working even when there's no bleeding!

  5. Thank you Juliet Tallmer, I will let him know.

  6. If he wanted more peace of mind, he can come with you to GYN and check that it's still in place and answer any questions he has.

  7. No test required! As long as you can feel strings during your string check – Skyla is in your uterus and not a baby. Congrats that you have not been bleeding and super awesome benefit of IUDs.

  8. At first, the insertion cramps last for a couple days. Then when my period come it's like for 5 days and they were pretty intense cramps and just irregular bleeding for 2 ish weeks. my experience anyways

  9. Skyla is the one I have been looking into. Have you had a lot of cramping or anything?

  10. I am on a IUD called jaydess(like skyla).

  11. Which IUD did you decide on?

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