How often do you have empty toilet?


I have a toilet question. When you use the toilet in your RV, camper, or trailer or whatever you might have, how often do you have empty it? Does it cost to empty it. Also is there a cheaper alternative/makeshift toilet that is available. We will be parking a trailer on some property for a couple months and just trying to find the best and cheapest way to do it. Thanks.

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  1. you can get a portable restroom company to empty it for you or they can set up an external temporary above ground tank.we do it all the time with our construction trailers

  2. Cheapest way? Build a box with a lid out of plywood. Get a 5 gallon bucket, cut a hole in the plywood, add a toilet seat to the plywood. do your thing. cover with sawdust/peat moss/wood ash. dispose maybe once or twice a week, either in trash bags or buried 2+ feet somewhere (just be careful to not be near water sources nor be caught by authorities as it may not be technically legal). Composting is probably the most sustainable/smart way (research "humanure

  3. Whichever way you choose to do it make sure it's hearth friendly and legal. There's a lot of folks on this earth.

  4. If you are thinking long term, consider investing in a composting toilet. Then you will never have to deal with your black tank again. Kinda costly upfront, but worth it in the long run if you are planning on doing alot of dry camping in the future.

  5. There is a site that has "free" dump sites and also sites and how much it costs
    Just make a plan
    Don't just dump in the woods

  6. Shhh, I know many who put a bucket under, take a bit off to the woods and viola. If no chemicals, its no different than "does the bear poop in the woods" Really depends on where you camp.

  7. Cathy, I think it's possible for someone to "recycle" their solid and liquid waste without necessarily randomly dumping it around where other people might come in contact with it…. Why is that the automatic assumption? Proper composting is kept ABOVE the ground level, so it never gets near a water source. And urine is just a concentrated liquid fertilizer, no different than the bottled stuff you get from the garden store…. Just put it in your garden immediately.

  8. If your going to put it in the woods please Bury it though. Im going to be setting up a compost bucket myself But thats just me

  9. It's not going to be in the woods. It will be on a slab in someone's yard.

  10. Depends on how many people and how big of a tank. I have a truck camper (Artic Fox 811) and we need to dump 4-5 days. Dump spots all over, many are free. Some states have them in rest stops along the highway. When we travel we boondock a lot, but usually hit a campground to fill up on water, get real showers, use the pool, and dump both the grey water and black. Boondocking a bit harder to find dump/water fill sites, but not that bad. Don't dump in the woods where people might camp…

  11. It was brought up to me before that throwing away solid waste in plastic bags in the trash is really no different than dealing with cat litter. just gotta have plenty of filler material (peat moss or wood ash is best from my experience)…..

  12. Composting a good choice if you are in a place where you can set that up. Tons of information about how to do it safely and without stink or mess. Do it wrong and you risk your health!

  13. Greg, the other side of the coin is that it's perfectly good fertilizer that is getting wasted into spots in the ground that won't benefit any sort of plant life. And why is human manure so gross when we freely put cow manure throughout most of our farm land in this country? And that's not even properly composted! Seems silly, like a double standard. I guess I'm one of those treehugger types. We came from the earth, we go back to the earth. There are safe and scientific ways to go about it. One thing I did notice at the farm supply store a few years back was this "organic" fertilizer that was sourced from noneother than "septic waste". Basically from cleaning out people's septic tanks. Obviously, one should do what they feel comfortable with and also not freak out any neighbors. And IF that gets done, it ought to be done in a systematic and scientific manner. But it's not rocket science. The folk who work at fertilizer factories may be trained but aren't rocket scientists.

  14. Tomas, Cows don't eat Meat. If you changed a baby's diapers through it's development, you might remember the change between when they didn't eat meat and when they did. That first Meat Poop is a Stinker! That's why Human (and Tiger) manure is so gross. I'm sure it's fine after properly aged but waiting for it to age probably isn't very pleasant.

  15. Dogs and cats eat meat. Dog and cat poop have to be disposed of too, and that usually occurs in the garbage, whether it's at home, at a rest stop, at a public garbage dumpster, or as some do, buried in the yard or wooded area. Not that we are "there" yet, and we hope to invest in a composting toilet first, but if human waste is disposed of the same way as dog and cat poop is, what's the big deal?

  16. bury your poop, please

  17. It depends on how big your black holding tank is how often you will need to empty it (and how many people are using it). You can find free dumps out west pretty easily.

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