How much water should I drink on a 20 mile ride?


How much water should I drink on a 20 mile ride? Should I be drinking something other than water?

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  1. I use waters on most rides. I also for longer rides use nuun it is a great electrolyte tablet that you add to your water.

  2. I usually just take two bottles of water on about a 20 mile ride. More than than and I have a Camelback style 1.5 liter backpack I put water in as well. I'm in north Texas though and it gets hot. This week we're not expecting anything below 93° with heat indexes of over 100°.

  3. 20 miles should be doable with water alone. Depends on your pre ride preparation and hydration leading up to the ride. Also can depend on the heat and weather and how much you sweat. As for how much general rule is every 5 to no more than 10 minutes have a drink. Start drinking before you are thirsty also. I do 2 bottles – one of water and one of a sport drink with electrolytes at the start of each ride- no matter the length of the ride. Longer rides I hope to be able to refill or have to take more with me in the form of a 3rd bottle.

  4. Depends on you. I did a 100 mile ride and only needed 1 bottle of Gatorade. On extremely hot days (I'm in south Florida), I bring 1 bottle of Gatorade and one bottle of water. I rarely finish both, but better to have and not need.

  5. Take two. If ya crash, one can be used to cleanse roadrash.

  6. Depends on how fast you ride. Generally for 20miles you shouldn't need anything other than water but for longer I recommend Skratch. Great stuff and isn't overpowering flavor wise. Tastes like water downed gatoraid.

  7. I "try" for one bottle every hour. But typically drink about half that.

  8. The rule is to drink before you are thirsty. Get a sip every 15 minutes. Water should be fine for a 20 mile ride.

  9. Be sure you are well hydrating before your ride. I take 2 bottles just in case.

  10. Unless it is unusually warm one 750 ml water bottle should be enough and you definitely do not need anything but water for a 20 mile ride.

  11. Don't complicate it with pre prep food blah blah science rubbish yadda yadda simple steps for a 20 mile ride.

    1 eat breakfast and have a coffee
    2 go do a poo after breakfast
    3 have 2 full bottles the big ones one with water one with water and a hydration tablet in
    4 take a banana and a flapjack with you
    5 some money
    6 now go ride…..

  12. i would ask a few things-

  13. – have you already completed a 20 mile ride? if so what did you take? if not how far have you been and what have you taken? The key point to remember is not to wait until you're thirsty but to drink little and often right from the start of your ride. Aim to take 2-3 good sized gulps from your bottle every 10-15 minutes right from the moment you roll off. Just like eating on the bike, you're not drinking for that moment but 10-20 miles down the road. and number 1 – have fun!

  14. One bottle every 10 miles is my standard.

  15. these questions should be addressed to a sport doctor that knows you and not to anyone. we are all different including fitness level… temperature, elevation also play a big factor. I train to a max of 50 miles with no water, but that 's personal. don't trust everything you read on social media. refer always to expert based on your body and fitness level.

  16. I use a few drop of elite electrolyte, in my water, helps ward off cramps during warm weather ride. Also I like Hammer jell products. However a peanut butter and honey sandwich, cut into squares works great. Consumption of water will depend on several factors. How hard you ride, temperature, your body conditioning. If your sweating you need more water, always replace. On a typical ride of 20 miles one big water bottle should be fine.

  17. I mix Propel in my water in the summer.

  18. 10 to 20 ounces per hour. Definitely add some sort of hydration mix to your water that contains electrolytes. Scratch is an excellent product and there are others as well.

  19. I think some people are overlooking how long it will take you to cycle for 20 miles. If you average 20 miles per hour during the ride then obviously you would not need to focus too much on food, hydration etc… But if you are riding slower and thus longer time then you have to adjust accordingly.

  20. Stephanie Gaignat how long will this 20 mile ride take you? Is it hilly or relatively flat? Is it hot/humid where you live? Everyone can tell you what they do for their ride but everything will effect you different

  21. Hydrate every 5 miles.

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