How much do W reg R1s go for ?


Hey, How much do W reg R1s go for ? Thanks.

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  1. Depends if it’s complete

  2. yh it is lol

  3. And milage, condition, mods between 1500 /2500

  4. Original condition?

  5. also are they any good ? weight wise and handling and power ?

  6. Better than your ninja tank

  7. Michael Grunwell get off my post lol

  8. Think u need to ride one my man

  9. A mint one about 3k

  10. 5jj perfect

  11. Would not accept any less the 3k for mine

  12. nice exhaust Peter !!!!

  13. It’s an awesome machine, rides, sounds, looks and handles like a dream.

  14. You know you can buy different tips for that Coffman right? Personally, I think the aluminium tip would look ace on there.

  15. Blue was to match top of forks and brake calipers.

  16. I’m on my 2nd carb’d R1, awesome bikes

  17. Ansa to question ; not enough. Carbs all day!

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