How much did your medicine increase? How was recovery?


I’m new to the group. I found out that I had Hashimoto’s in May of 2014. Since then I have fired 6 doctors and been on 5 different thyroid meds before I found one that didn’t cause an allergic/extreme negative reaction. I’m talking crazy reactions like breast swelling so bad I went from D’s to each booby literally being bigger than my head, feet swollen so big I could not fit in my sneakers and my toes turning purple along with severe diarrhea and vomiting to name a few!!! The doctor who finally would work with me said that my reactions to medications fascinated her and she’s never seen anything quite like it. Over the summer 4 large nodules were found. They were checked again in December because they are hindering my ability to swallow. The nodules are growing. I will be having a total thyroidectomy in March!! I have a question for those who had a total thyroidectomy:
1. How much did your medicine increase?
2. How was recovery?
3. Did it take long to get back to normal activities? I’m very active
4. How is Hashimoto’s different after a total thyroidectomy?
5. Did you lose your voice and how long did it take to get it back if you did? (I can’t imagine not being able to talk!!)
Thank you!!!

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  1. My med increased from 100mcg to 125 mcg, but now I'm on armour 105mg. Recovery about 2-3 weeks, but no pain, just can't strain your neck. Weird feelings in my neck for about 6 mos. Voice was gravelly for a month or two. weak for about 4 mos. Couldn't sing before, still can't. I don't know how to answer about the Hashi's.

  2. My meds increased from 137mcg to 150mcg and I fully recovered after 3-4 weeks. After that I could drive and resume normal activities. I had no problems with my voice before or after. I had thyroid cancer, so idk about Hashimoto's either.

  3. I had a total T woke up, drank water , kept it down, and went home. But, I've had 33 surgeries, so a walk in the park for me. I was up doing things the next day. Just don't be dumb, and push too far too fast. if it hurts, don't do it ! If you were very active, so am I, we bounce back to being that same way. I didn't lose my voice at all. You can do this, no big deal ! It just seems scary !

  4. Christy and Sisi, what Rx are you on?

  5. Joy Neskorik I am taking Nature-throid. I have been on Levo, Synthroid, cytomel, Armour and WP Thyroid. Nature-throid was the only one that did not have a negative response too.

  6. I'm on armour.

  7. All my doctor has had me on is just synthroid and levo. I do not feel good on them. I am looking for a good doctor now to help me find what will work. I have been with this since April 2011. I need a doctor. I have read about the Nature-throid and Armour. I don't know if you have to have a Rx for them?? What can you buy over the counter ? Any of those? if not I got to find a doctor.

  8. Joy Neskorik You have to have a prescription for Nature-throid and Armour. Here are some resources to start your search for a new doctor:

  9. That's what I thought. I might be able to get my home town doctor to get me started on Armour, or Nature-throid, she is just a country doctor, but is very good about helping you. She just told me we aren't going to find the right Rx. because you need to go to a doctor that does this everyday. So, she is truth-full. THANKS !!! Anybody got a doctor ????

  10. Joy Neskorik My worst experience was with Endocrinologists. The first doctor to prescribe Armour was a DO family doctor. I currently see an internal medicine doctor who gives thyroid patients a choice in which medicine they want to try.

  11. Great sites !! Got them saved, this really will help start. But, if anyone knows about a good doctor in Texas, it would be nice. but, I'm getting some great info. !

  12. I have heard that, I've head it both ways, really, go endo. and go to internal, I just got to start finding and going till I get a good doctor.

  13. Tanya Johnson, I started with fluid build up in my face, feet, and legs about 2 months before surgery. Was sick for years until I fired my primary and found a new Dr. All within 2 weeks found out that I had hypo, hashimotos, and 5 lg noules, one was cancerous.

  14. My endo prescribed it when I asked, no problem. She just asked why. I told her I was falling asleep all the time, and she said ok.

  15. My doctor put me on a fluid pill once a day and that got rid of all my fluid build up in my body. My synthroid went from 200mcg to going home after TT with 150mcg. The TT recovery part was not bad at all. The waiting for hormones to level off was very bad the second week. Went to primary, told him. Anxiety and blood pressure was really high because of hormones out of whack. Went home from there with low dose of blood pressure meds and anxiety meds just to take for a month. Much better after 2 days of doing that. I am on day 11 and I would say back to almost normal after 2, maybe 3 weeks, except for heavy lifting and such. I NEVER lost my voice at all, barely even scratchy. I ate solid food the same night, wasn't supposed to be did because I was starving and stole a half a sub from Mom…lol…Your throat area where they take out the thyroid will feel numb for about a week. Just a little sore from incision and neck being strained a littl, ice pack, ICE PACK! HASHIMOTOS, I had that, hypthyroidism, and 5 nodes, 1 was cancer. Hashimotos is an auto immune thyroid disease, that is what creates/causes the nodes to grow.

  16. The surgeon knew he was going to do a partial and probably a TT which is what I had, a TT because nodes on both sides were so diseased. I haven't gotten as far as to figure the diagnosis to hashimotos after a TT but I am sure you can google, I learned a whole lot from google. Good luck. A TT is not bad. I think my anxiety from hormone imbalance was the worst to deal with so far, still working on my med dosage. It takes a little while to get your levels evened off even after you get the right dose. Good luck and best wishes!

  17. Leslie Eppard White… Same for me. Went in for a partial (a surgical biopsy on a nodule) and came out with a TT.

  18. I am two weeks out. Voice is still husky… Can manage inflections like going a little high at the end of a question. ENT put me on a T3 only med until I see the endo on 2/10. Feeling good but tired.

  19. I'm still on Levothyroxine, Tanya Johnson.

  20. Levo. does nothing good for me ! Right now I'm on Synthroid. I'm not going to keep taking it. I feel horrible. Tired, depressed, my hair has fell out, headaches, brain fog all the time ! This is not living. We just got our lives where we were going to have time and money to enjoy all our hard work all our lives. Now I'm too tired to get dressed. Brain fog so bad I can't keep up with my car keys, mail, anything. Got to change something.

  21. Have you had your blood work/levels checked lately? My hair was falling out before I started my meds. Now that I am leveling out, the hair loss has stopped for the most part. Also sounds like anxiety which I also had really bad but is much better. My blood pressure was up really high also. My Dr. put me on low dose anxiety and low dose blood pressure and I feel much better, tension headaches are going away. Best wishes!

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