How many of us have had gallstones and/or a gallbladder removal?


I wanted to take a poll.
How many of us have had gallstones and/or a gallbladder removal? TIA

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  1. I had mine removed in 2010.

  2. you know you can post a POLL Rachel Holmes may be easier

  3. Gallbladder Aug 2009, TT Oct 2015

  4. I had my gallbladder removed in 2008 & a TT October 2015.

  5. Gallbladder removed 7-14, TT 1-15.

  6. How can you tell?
    I still have mine

  7. I had my gallbladder removed in 1981 – 33 years before I had my thyroid out in October 2014

  8. Had mine out 2009, had a few complications, stone stuck in bile duct had to go back in twice to get it removed, ended up with pancreatitis and was extremely poorly for a couple of weeks. However I'm so glad Its out was in so much pain!

  9. So from reading the posts it is related to thyroid ?

  10. I have surgery scheduled

  11. "Research studies show that there is evidence linking hypothyroidism to gallstones, to delayed emptying i.e. biliary dyskinesia or low-functioning gallbladder, sluggish and reduced bile flow."

  12. Had mine out 1999

  13. I still have mine.

  14. Gallstones, did not do surgery. Then TC a few months later. Gallbladder is not bothering me.

  15. I was told I had stones the same year just Before being diagnose with hyperthyroidism
    I refuse to accept it that was 2013 … I still have mine
    Had thyroid removed in 2014

  16. I drank parsley tea, and packed up on my flax and chia seeds and beet juice . No digestive problems since …

  17. I had my gallbladder removed when I was 21, had stones stuck in the duct and came home like at with a bag on my side. Had to have sludge removed from my duct a couple of years later. Then had a couple of bouts with pancreatitis. 38 years later, this fall I had a PT. three generations of females in the family all have had their gallbladder removed. On Tuesday, my niece had her gallbladder removed, the first one in the fourth generation to have gallstones. Has to be genetics! Of the 8 females in 3 generations, four have also had thyroid surgery.

  18. Several females in the family have all had their knees replaced, I wonder if that is not related too.

  19. Am not sure , no problems with my knee

  20. Mine is out 7 years prior to tt

  21. Gallbladder removed 2011, thyroid removed 2014.

  22. A article I read says the two are related. Even leaky cut syndrome is related due to T4 that can't convert into T3 most people's thyroid problems seem to stem from here. Since I have been taking Selenium at night on advices from this wonderful page I can actually feel a difference. In my tummy issues to. Less cramping less constipation. And feels if my medication working beter will still have bloods taken to check but feeling beter except the selenium makes me nauseaus for about and hour

  23. You wish to try the moringa capsule , tea or powder … It has selenium , calcium-and potassium
    Which may help with digestion … But had to be taken about 2 or more hours after synthroid

  24. Me! Removal at age 26

  25. Three attacks and removal in 2012 at the end of my pregnancy.

  26. Had my gall bladder out 2010!! Didn't have stones, the gall bladder was diseased and didn't function!!! But it was Worst thing I ever did!!! My health deteriorated in every way possible from then!!! Had my common bile duct removed in 2012 and had a part of my stomach / bowel attached to each other!! Suffered twice from pancreatitis!!was really ill!! Have severe digestion/malabsorption issues & now thyroid issues!!!!

  27. yes 2013 right after my thyroid surgery

  28. Me, 6 years ago

  29. Gallbladder removed March 2015 and TT August 2015. I spent too much time in the hospital last year!

  30. Had mine out in 2003

  31. Wow…. Gallbladder removed 2004 sluggish and not working 90% of the time. PT for ThyCa June 29 2015.

  32. Had mine out in 2013 and PT last September xx

  33. I did 2 years before.

  34. Nope, should this be something to watch out for? Had a total thyroidectomy in Nov13

  35. Should have had my gallbladder out multiple times but refused, had my first attack about 12 years ago. A friend of my mom's also had her thyroid removed and then years later had her gallbladder removed.

  36. My gallbladder removed in 1997

  37. Had mine removed 3 years prior to my cancer diagnosis. That was the beginning of my body going haywire in me. Awesome question…I am curious and glad you asked.

  38. My mom had a TT and had her gall bladder removed a few years after. Very interesting. I have TT on Tues.

  39. I have gallstones. Not had them removed x

  40. No, I had TT and RAI finishing in Sept…will see

  41. Gallbladder was removed in 2003 and pt in 2015

  42. Very interesting. I had a TT Oct 2012, still have my gallbladder. I hope to keep it.

  43. Sheilagh Johndrow you should join our north dallas thyroid group , im in lewisville

  44. Yes my gallbladder was removed before my thyroid was, I also have no tonsils or appendix

  45. No. Please tell me that is not part of this. I have gotten diabetes, fiabrimiagia, Epstein Barr syndrome, hashimoto disease, chronic thyroiditis, chronic migraines, seizures, PBA, Osteo Arthritis, parilized right arm, tumor rapped around my vocal cords, Heart arithmia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sciatica, pinched nerves in my neck going into my head, serine def. In my brain, nightly fevers, an acute immune system, can't swallow sometime from inflammations from two thyroid surgeries, joints and extremely decline in flexibility. If one more thing happens I don't think my body can handle it. But Social Security says I am not disabled.

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