How long did it take before you were comfortable eating regular foods?


I have my TT on Tuesday morning. My question is, how long did it take before you were comfortable eating regular foods? I’ve got some yogurt and ice cream in my fridge for when I get home, but also a week of meal plans that I’m wondering if I will be able to eat.

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  1. For me two days. Best of luck xx

  2. Some individuals wake up and immediately started eating. Others sucked on ice for a day and then soft food. Others were nauseous for several days.
    It really depends how you handled surgery. I was out for 6 hours after a five hour surgery and had ice the following morning before I was released and then soft food for several days though I was not hungry.

  3. I was able to eat regular food the next day…

  4. I was looking to eat about 30 mins after I woke up. All they wanted to feed me was soup and green jello…… I wanted a hamburger!

  5. So Jennifer as you see the range is immediately to several days. You and you along will know what is right for you .

  6. I was starving and all they would give me was chicken broth. I sweet talked the nurse into giving me one of dinners they were handing out and I snarfed that down in a heartbeat!

  7. Colleen your like Jimmy…

  8. I had no change at all and ate normal foods. I actually found drinking and eating right after helped a lot in my recovery. Best wishes. You will be fine!!

  9. No sore throat or pain so I ate normal foods..
    Good luck x

  10. Straight away, bit uncomfortable but fine x

  11. Ask for the nausea patch. I have always thrown up from anesthesia in the past, but this time I wasn't even nauseated. I ate part of a regular meal a few hours afterwards. My TT had no lymph node involvement.

  12. I ate pretty much normal right away except for sharp, rough foods… i tried a granola bar on about day three and felt like it re-irritated my throat from the breathing tube…. smart that you have food prepared… i did that too… and also ate a box of lemon ice… that was so soothing on my throat! Good luck!!

  13. The next morning I was eating regular foods.

  14. I wanted soft things (soup) for a couple days. Then a week later when I had the stitches out and got "scoped" my throat was sore again and I had soft after that for a day or so.

  15. Right away..within an hour of fully waking..then 2 days of softer stuff, I assume some sort of block wore off, then back to normal.

  16. I ate normally right away.

  17. I ate soft foods for about a week… I Had a very sore throat… Pudding was my best friend…

  18. I could eat anything I want day 1 post on. It depends on how you feel

  19. I tried to have soup when I got home hours after surgery. That didn't work out well. It came up and so did the jello and ginger ale they gave me after surgery. So I kept it light that night. The next day I was okay to eat anything. Good luck

  20. Right after I ate

  21. My TT was first thing in the morning. They gave me liquids for lunch, but solid foods for dinner.

  22. I could eat anything except bread- too dry. You wouldn't want to choke on anything right after surgery! I was able to eat anything else though!

  23. It took me about 2 days the anesthesia made me really nauseous.

  24. I ate a full breakfast the next morning (which was technically my first meal). Biscuits and gravy, omelette, coffee, juice, and fruit. I was starving! Lol

  25. For normal foods right away… Extra tip that helped me, bendy straws!! Much easier to have liquids!

  26. It took me about two weeks.

  27. This was my first meal, about two hours after surgery! I was eating meat and potatoes when I got home. I never had any food restrictions, or pain for that matter. I also second bendy straws!!! I would not have been able to drink without them. For some reason drinking straight from a cup was impossible!

  28. I ate regular food the day after surgery.

  29. I was able to eat anything right afterwards.

  30. Totally amazing. I was allowed only liquid while I was at the hospital which comprised of water and ice chips. I was at the hospital for 1 day and 1/2.

  31. Thanks for the bendy straw tip! Any other tips? Lol

  32. I had made and frozen soup before my surgery but I was able to eat anything right after surgery.

  33. I'm 5 hours post PT and ice water has been my favorite friend so far but I have ate a banana and all is well

  34. Warm stuff helped better than cold for me but Ice packs on the site helped tons

  35. Regular diet the day after surgery.

  36. The first thing I did when I got out of surgery was eat. I had no problem. I was starving but everyone is different

  37. I could not eat only jello, popsicles, warm broth, pudding, ice-cream my throat was sore from breathing tube for a couple of days. Then soft potatoes and soft scram eggs.

  38. I thought I would have to eat soft food about a week so I got all kinds of soft food…after about day 2 I was good to eat whatever, I still ate my soft food though because I bought so much

  39. I ate peas, soft carrots and tuna pasta 4 hours after op. Very little throat pain.

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