How likely is this related to raynaud’s?


First, I got diagnosed with Raynaud’s. Recently, I am diagnosed with Gastritis. I had a test for autoimmune disease. I am fortunate enough that it came out negative. But with gastritis? How likely is this related to raynaud’s? Has anyone had same thing? How likely is it to get a second opinion?

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  1. I've had major gi problems that started when Raynauds started. But I feel certain I have other autoimmune issues. I'm still waiting on follow up scopes in December.

  2. I have Raynaud's and they have told me it could be contributing to my migraines. My migraines and ibs seem to go hand in hand. This year I have had a "stomach bug" three times. Each time I end up vomiting for about 2 days unable to keep food down and then just feel crappy for a few more. I'm convinced I have some bacteria or virus that just isn't going away and that's why I keep getting sick. I need to see my gastro anyway but I've been trying to get everything settled with my neurologist first (adjusting meds and scheduling a sleep study).

  3. I too suffered from GERD and gastritis. I have basically eliminated dairy and gluten from my diet. I have noticed a BIG difference. No more reflux and upset tummy.

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