How is the CFMoto Z800 comfort level, leg room, and gut clearance?


Any BIG (read overweight) guys here own a Z800. How is the comfort level, leg room, and gut clearance?

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  1. I’m 330 pounds and 6’3 I have plenty of room

  2. I’m 6’4″ 300lbs and found the Z-force 800 to have the most leg room of any side by side I tried including the Polaris and Can Am and plan on getting one once I’m no longer able to ride my C-force 500. I was able to get 2 500’s for what 1 800 side by side would have cost so I knew one for me and one for my wife would be better.

  3. Some big dudes here. I’ll just shut up now, I’m a relative leprechaun here.

  4. I’ve had someone pushing 400 in mine, could fit… and do the harness -I’d say prob be more comfortable in a uforce. I’m 6’2 300+ and I find even after modifying seat my knee is still stuck up to the side of shifter. Not uncomfortable, but not spacious.

  5. I’m 6′ only 168 pound but i was in a car accident and my left hip and knee was shattered so i have limited range of motion and i can still ride. Right after accident i struggled though because i had next to no range of motion so i had use 3 pillows on the seat ,now i use no pillows and im ok because i gained some range motion and the bottom of seat i modified to get extra room. Theres a decent amount of adjustment there but wasn’t enough for me so i was able to make the slots bigger without compromising strength of seat base and gives me plenty room now. My seat is VERY tight against the roll bar behind seat.

  6. I’m 6’3″ 350#. I ride all day with no problems. Removing the hip bars and adding doors did help a bunch. Z800

  7. Thanks for the input guys, I’ll be sure to check out the UForce as well. ??

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