How I load up for camping trips


How I load up for camping trips.

I'm an old guy and I like to camp but I refuse to be uncomfortable so I carry a lot of gear. As in furniture, and bigass poles to hold up a bigass rain fly. I've been at it for a while now and I think I've gotten the ultimate cargo stowage system for what I carry and the way I ride. Time is cheap these days so I thought I'd write it up. Actually I just randomly found the picture file and remembered I have these to show off.

I have a 2015 Suzuki DL650, the ADV model with the factory racks, boxes, engine guards, etc.

I don't like top boxes because they stick out so far and stand so tall. I want to keep all of the weight as low and as forward as possible. It helps a lot when you lean way over. Where I live, we have lots and lots of curves. This bike loves them as much as I do but I've found it works a lot better when you pay extra attention to the center of gravity. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I rode

Honda Sport Touring bikes before I got the V-Strom.

So I have a large duffel that I turn around long ways. That way the heavy stuff (tent, Kermit chair, folding table, bag full of bigass tent spikes, etc) gets tucked in behind my back, not sticking out to the sides or weighing down the pannier racks.

How I load up for camping trips

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  1. As you can see, I’ve added some bags to the side. Rather than pile stuff on top of the boxes, I added some footman loops to their front so I can hang a pair of Ortlieb waterproof bicycle panniers.
    They rest on the passenger pegs so there is no strain on the boxes. In fact, they act as another fastening point and appear to make the boxes more stable.

  2. For times when I need less cargo, I added cross bars to the pannier racks so the Ortliebs’ quick-release bags just clip on and off. That way I can pitch camp and leave the boxes, put rain gear and water bottles and such in the soft bags, and go ride the twisties.

  3. This is next level good. Thank you!

  4. I like the thought put into that. Nice rigging setup

  5. Very efficient

  6. I’m lazy and stuff everything in the trunk. Sleeping bag tent and camp chair on top

  7. Looks awesome- what r the grey bags

  8. Good job Mr. Jerry Rivers best of luck on all your trips and thanks for sharing.

  9. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  10. Love the addition of the bike bags to your hard boxes. Great work

  11. Nice setup! I just got a V-Strom 650 for my first street bike and a bunch of camping gear. I’m kinda like you and wanted to be comfortable so I bought a big waterproof bag to put my cot in (as well as tent, chair, sleeping bag, etc).

  12. Hold my beer

  13. Nice keeping more weight down low and not needing a top box. Looks great and like enough storage to cross the continent.

  14. That’s a really nice set up thanks for sharing!
    I’ve the exact bike

  15. Hope you post more photos of your set up. Going camping for my first time on my Vstrom 650 2015 next week. I have lots to learn.

  16. Excellent, smart loading of your bike. Compared to many other pics in this group, your load is done exactly the right way. Low and forward. As I primarily ride two up, I loose the ability to use the passenger seat area, and front of panniers like you do, but try to accomplish the same…low and forward.

  17. Good stuff. Begs a video showing how you pack and unpack.

  18. Eric Michael

  19. Here is a picture of my 650 Vstrom. Had these panniers made. 12x15x22. You never have too much room.

  20. Brilliant t idea with bicycle panniers and your config. I need to add the v strom to the list of next bikes. I have an fz8 now but am thinking about and adv bike. Is it strong and sturdy for long touring with only 650cc

  21. Nice, where do I go to purchase "bigass" brand products? Are they produced by my ex?

  22. Having soft stuff strapped to the front of your panniers gives your legs some protection in a dump. Good idea, but it might limit the ability to "dab". I’m going to look at that for myself, thank you.

  23. The challenge now will be to fit everything I carried on the Concours on to the NC750

  24. This is what the bike looks like when some dummy is sitting on it.
    See how I pack the rear shorter? Streamlined, baby!

  25. I was about to say something about the yellow on the top bag but I see now it matches your jacket so you’re good!

  26. Man, you have it figured out! I too, do not like top boxes. Keeping the center of gravity low is very important IMO. I have been looking at the V-Strom but it’s kinda tall for me. If I go that route I’d go all soft bags.

  27. I don’t care how it looks, I like to camp in comfort. When they see me on the highways, they know I’m going someplace special.
    Planting the landing is always a challenge when more top-heavy than usual, and especially in mountains where everything is either up, down, or tilted.

  28. As an old dude myself I understand and agree!

  29. No fire wood .. huh weak kidding of course

  30. The beauty of camping with your bike is that only you have to care about what you take, what it weighs and how you carry it! If you want more stuff, heavier duty or more luxuries, you can. If you want to tough it out and go light, we’ll that’s up to you too. Some people (like me) prefer to keep it as simple, light, small and only necessities as much as possible

  31. My Wee is a little rough around the edges.

  32. Doing your own thing.

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