How does one get diagnosed with Hashimoto’s?


I’m just full of questions tonight, I apologize.

How does one get diagnosed with Hashimoto’s?

(Going over old medical records and trying to figure out why I was diagnosed.. I have all the blood work, just not the doctors report)

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  1. TPO and Tgab antibodies or modular thyroid consistent with Hashis

  2. ^ yep! I think some sort of particular antibodies

  3. I'm looking at the blood work now…

    Thyroglobulin levels were 55.1 and It says x3C20 on the Thyroglobulin antibody.

    Sorry, this thyroid stuff confuses me everything and I want to act like I know what I'm talking about with the doctor;)

  4. And google is not being helpful, lol!

  5. Are you post surgery??

  6. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's just six weeks ago. My Thyroid Antibodies were TPO Ab:504 (should bex3C35) and AG Ab:44.5. Note on the report: "Findings consistent with Hashimoto's thyroiditis that may cause thyroid failure over time." I've got a multinodular goiter, and some atypical Hurthle cells were found in one nodule, so I'm scheduled for TT next week.

  7. I had a partial a year ago Kathy.. Removed because of a benign nodule that was causing problems.

  8. The blood tests were done several years ago.. I only saw that doctor a few times.

  9. Good Luck Liz! I hope everything goes smoothly for you! My most recent ultrasound showed 5 small ones on my right side. Left side has been removed.

  10. Thanks, Katie. I'm looking forward to getting the surgery out of the way and moving into the next phase, life without a thyroid. One big ongoing lesson, no doubt!

  11. I took my son to the doctor for a broken nose …from across the room he spotted my enlarged thyroid ….then it was off for a blood test ….to confirm hashi

  12. Awesome Doctor Carla! I saw one in the ER that felt my throat from behind and said there was nothing wrong- didn't even look at it from the front or he woulda seen the lump!

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