How do you winterize your bikes?


Hello guys, How do you winterize your motorcycles?

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  1. Take it to Ocotillo Wells and ride all winter.

  2. We can’t ride it all year long in Canada. Clean it, fill up the gas tank, put gas stabiliser (read the box), let it run 10 minutes, change the oil, put the battery on a battery tender, lube everything. If you winterise it in a heated place drain the gas tank as much as you can, if not let the gas in. Pretty much it.

  3. Mine doesnt really get “winterized”, but heres what I do to my vintage bikes. Remove spark plug and squirt a little oil into the cylinder, replace spark plug but leave the lead disconnected. Ill either drain the gas, or add Stabil and fill it completely full. Battery on the tender and about ten psi out of each tire if its not on a stand. Oh yeah, I clean all the years grit off the bike too… chain, linkage, spokes, etc.

  4. I fill it up completely (no fuel stabilizer), charge my battery completely (slow charge), disconnect the ground cable and that’s it. I try to do all maintenance needed during the winter but I usually wait till spring to change my oil and clean/lube my air filter. If your winters are very cold, it be worth taking your battery out and storing it somewhere climate controlled but there is certain hazards when dealing with battery’s so read up on that first. That’s one of the reasons for completely charging it so the freeze point is lower.

  5. Disconnect the battery from the bike before putting the tender on it. Leaving the battery connected leaves the electronics charged while your not using them.

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