How do you make a living?


A question for full-timers. How do you make a living? I guess there are a lot of people collecting retirement or pension benefits. But for everyone else, what do you do for income?

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  1. Repair RV's..!!!

  2. Lol! I'm wanting to go fulltime but am wondering what opportunities there are when funds start to run low

  3. theres lots of online jobs depends what your skill level is and amazon looks for ppl around christmas to fill orders in warehouses

  4. I've made a lot of $$$, and a lot of beer fixing neighbors RV's!
    And they're at the same places I am!!

  5. google "workamp"

  6. Rv technician.

  7. Theres always ways to make a living

  8. Washing rigs

  9. Always thought about state/national campground host. Some actually pay a little bit…some just provide utilities, etc……

  10. I'm pretty crafty when it comes to handmade and homemade goods. My dream would be to travel and sell my wares. But that doesn't mean there is a market for what I would have to sell. So, I'm trying to think of potential back-up plans for when that doesnt cover my living/travel expenses.

  11. Wait tables? Pump gas? Work at campsite – great programs set up for seniors.

  12. Keep the old red light on!!lol

  13. Oh my… lol

  14. @ Tina …reminds me of an old joke …lol ~
    We teach classes on line to home schoolers xxe~

  15. we workamp for site and sometimes for pay, and also sell stuff on eBay

  16. Some people have telecommute jobs. There are a lot of online resources about this. I have some links bookmarked that I can post if it isn't a violation of the group rules.

  17. Aimee Mays-Cotton I know a few that make jewelry from gems they find when rock hounding

  18. bad part about selling homemade goods is best place to sell is cities and LEO's (cops) can mess with yah

  19. if you want it bad enough, you will find a way. Trust the process.

  20. Polish shoes

  21. I am a graphic designer. I design for the web and print. Logos, websites, book covers, brochures, course materials, etc.

  22. workamping if u can find one that pays after the site is paid for

  23. push comes to shove and "Please dont boo me" can always busk, fly and jug. I came close once man over spent on fuel one month wasnt watching my account as close as I should have.

  24. made 40 bucks last almost 2 weeks

  25. My wife and I are young. We actually plan on finding places to stay about 6 months at a time and get jobs. Nothing big. Helping people on farms. Helping people with repairs. Heck, if it's a place we really like, we've even talked about just getting job jobs for a year or so. That way we could fund the next year of traveling ­čÖé

  26. union electrician, tramping aint easy, but it sure is fun

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