How do you know when It’s time to replace bottom bracket?


Hi my friends ?. My today’s question is:
How do you know when It’s time to replace bottom bracket?
I heard from one guy that when you take the crank arm and you pull it to you then if you feel any movement then its time to replace it,
Others say that you will feel a skiping crack noise when riding? I am waiting for your answers

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  1. Yes to both. They're both different sets of symptoms of two different types of BB failures. I'd always double check that everything is assembled snuggly and properly first, but either of them are signs of damage that'll only get worse.

  2. ….but dosen't the movvement in the bearings slowly damaging the bootom bracket frame shell???

  3. If your cranks make a noise or if there's play, replace (first make sure the play isn't because cranks aren't tightly secured). My press-in bb (Shimano 105) on my carbon bike is going on 30k miles.

  4. If it's tight in the shell but loose at all, i turf them. If you crank hard and doing so causes your chain to rub the front mech, i change it. I hate any play in things not supposed to give any.

  5. There are tons of different bb set ups. Many of them have different things you would look for in terms of wear.

  6. Best way to know when its time is simply not risk it by regularly updating with a new bike.

  7. Bottom bracket and headset are the two components production bike manufacturers can claw back money on because they are hidden away, so they promote the obvious attributes like frame quality and gearing because they are the ones you see, while keeping quite about the 'entry level' BB or HS. If it is loose REPLACE but think about UPGRADING TOO!!

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