How do you keep your phone charged on the motorcycle?


Hello everyone, How do you keep your phone charged on the road? Thanks.

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  1. I use a 15,000 mah portable power pack (I can get about 5 iPhone charges out of it) and run a long charger into the tent at night

  2. With a highly sophisticated battery tied to my phone with 2 big rubber bands lolll

  3. Aftermarket USB charger hooked to the bikes battery n a solar panel with a power bank…

  4. This flux capacitor I installed under my seat does the job. Oh wait, sorry, I thought you said Time Travel.

  5. I have a charger wired into my bike.

  6. I have a port in my windshield. So ph can easily tether while in my tank top bag.

  7. Portable battery backup – I can use it to jump start my bike or a car too. $40 on amazon. Comes with jumper cables but I bought an adapter – i can plug into my battery tender port to jump start my bike.

  8. Battery tender and ish cable strung to a handlebar holder so I can have GPS

  9. I’ve got a lighter plug wired to the bike so I can use a standard car charger while riding. I also carry a 10,000 mAh usb battery pack (which I also use for travel) for when the bike is off.

  10. I have a direct wired double USB 2.5 weather-proof charging port.

  11. 12v electrical socket on my Africa Twin. On my smaller dual sports I use the battery tender straight to the battery with a USB connector.

  12. USB plug in the stereo….also a USB adapter for my trickle charger.

  13. SAE/USB connector to battery tender line

  14. Small usb battery charger and the SAE/USB connector.

  15. I use the little Kuryakn double USB outlet. Two wires and it’s smaller than a matchbox.

  16. The usual 12v power out let and a Sherpa from goal zero.

  17. It’s plugged into usb on my bike as I ride, and I have a folding solar cell for in camp if no electricity.

  18. Plugged in to a 12v while on the bike. l use a case and mount meant for dirt bicycles and with over 30,000 miles on this bike including Alaska/Dalton Hwy and off-roading through Colorado I’ve never had an issue.

  19. I use RidePower

  20. I added 2 – 12v ports for charging and to fill my air mattress, and keep my phone charging on the road

  21. There are some chargers that goes direct to your bike battery..but once you finish the ride or stop, you need to unplug the charger from the battery because it keeps getting energy from it and will dry it out..that don’t happen when the bike is powered on

  22. 12V outlet up by the handlebars or next to the seat. I use one next to the seat so I can keep phone in side pocket while riding, use short cord. That also allows a place to plug in heated clothing.

  23. I don’t charge it on the road, I use a changing cord and electrical outlet. all kidding aside, I use a usb adapter on my bike to plug my phone into while riding (it was like $12 and wired right into my aux wires) and when I’m parked I use on of these. (which I love, wont get you to 100% but I consistently get to 85%

  24. Plugs right into my tender connection, which I have running out from under the seat where I can tuck it away when not in use. Allows the phone to be charging in my left pocket or I can run the charging cable to the phone on the handlebar mount. Easy peezy and only $10

  25. It’s a cheap USB charger (2 dollars approx.) on my Thunderbird, installed 3 years back. Connected with headlight and it’s always on, only consumes battery when any device is attached for charging. It’s available at cheap rates in Delhi markets.

  26. turn it off till needed

  27. It’s directly connected ….. No option for switching it off. 🙁 But it doesn’t drain battery. When the bike ignition is on, it gets on and off with ignition off.

    However I am planning for a dual (Ciggratte lighter and USB charger with on-off switch) in my next buy.

  28. The dual (lighter and USB charger) I am planning to buy next.

  29. I put mine on airplane mode and turn it on when I need it, at rest stops, and I’ll check it at the end of the day – there are just too many places where there’s no reception and it’s no use running the battery down. I can charge it on the bike and I also bring a portable charger. If we’re at a campsite that has a lobby we might leave things charging there for an hour or so. I have a Garmin InReach for emergencies; I can use it for texting if necessary.

  30. I bought a Ram mount setup and then bought a knockoff version as well. I took the mounting hardware from the Ram mount, attached the top piece from the cheap one and it had a charger built in, directly under the mount. It has a wire that hook to my battery and I just added a quick connect from an old battery charger. It works great and there’s no battery drain.
    Also, as long as you don’t have a crappy iPhone, there are many options.

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