How do you guys manage to keep your license?


Question 1: how do you guys manage to keep your license

Question 2: is it possible not to wheelie this thing every second I'm on it

I think I have a problem but the R1 ain't one

How do you guys manage to keep your license?

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  1. Very nice,i was chasing 2 of these today and had to properly nail my tuono to stay with them.great bikef

  2. Have my license suspended 3 times, and NO

  3. Learn where speed traps are

  4. It’s easy. It’s called act like an adult.

  5. Get into track riding. After that the street just isn’t much fun.

  6. Change your sprockets if its lifting too easily

  7. I rode for 8-years in central and Austin Texas on R6’s through R1’s and a ZX10R inbetween, I on average got about one ticket per year when speeding 90u0025 of the time, which wasn’t any trouble for my license. I just kept a real good eye out for police and I always used cars ahead of me as a radar shield. Conventional radar goes for the nearest or otherwise largest object first, I don’t know if new digital radars can do fastest object. Basically the best radar evasion tactic is to shield your self behind traffic ahead.

  8. Bro I have about 9 points idk how I still have my m1 let alone a DL lol

  9. Me: still have licence after 10 years

  10. Johnathan what’s a liscence lol

  11. Whats a license? Whats a license plate?

  12. I don’t know, my 09 R1 wont wheelie unless I really want to, once you learn good throttle control it’s never a problem

  13. Lost my lisence on my first bike ever (gsxr 600) got my license bak and got a R1, had clean record ever since! Can’t punish what they can’t catch!

  14. I live in nyc and traffic is my friend

  15. I love where I live cuz the cops give you a thumbs up and a huge smile when you pop a wheelie from a stop sign ud83eudd23 *as long as you’re not in traffic and don’t fuck it up, I should add lmao

  16. 1# I don’t have one #2 imposible

  17. No es la moto amigo es su forma de usar el embrague

  18. It’s probably your body positioning that causing the wheelies. Mine was bad at first but was better when I started sitting closer to the tank

  19. I fold the plate up then fold it back when I’m being normal

  20. Or eBay has magnetic trailer plates and get a dodgy made up

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