How do you guys make plans on where to stay?


New to this camping world. How do you guys make plans on where to stay? Our first trip was kind of stressful as we were under a time frame to be checked in before the attendant left. When considering cross country touring this worries me. I don’t want to be pressed to arrive at a camp site at a given time or have plans detailed enough to worry about time. Some days we might want to do 300 miles and other days 600+. Is there any camping apps to use? Whats the professionals on here process they use?

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  1. When we’ve arrived late to a campground, we just always settled up I the morning.

  2. Good question. I’ve had the same problem. Decided to go further than planned. When we did stop, couldn’t find anywhere to camp. Ended up at a motel 6. No good.

  3. Allstays app start looking a couple hours before you’re ready to shut down.

  4. It’s a vacation why hurry. I plan my days and stick to it, plan my stays at state parks, corps of engineers parks and so forth take my time and enjoy it IT’s A VACATION ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN.

  5. I have a slightly different approach I travel in a motorcoach and will pull into a small town I might like and head for a coffee shop, I’ll have a cup of coffee and a piece of pie and start talking to the locals, if out west I’ll ask about large ranches or other tracts of privately owned land or nice parks and get whatever information I can get then I approach the landowner about sitting for a while, most of the time it’s no problem, I’m fully self contained so hookups are not an issue, what I want is fly fishing or scenery, I park and set up and unload the bike from the back of the truck and take a ride to look around, I want to show the best side of me, I’ll go to church, cause I do anyway, I’ll join in with local happenings and make new friends, my goal is not to get cheap camping but to make new friends and see new areas, I’ll explore with the bike in a couple of hundred mile circle of where I might be, I never make reservations just make new friends

  6. Dustin, as mentioned previously get yourself the all stays camp and tent app for your phone as well as you can get the pro version for your computer at home. I have two monitors on my home computer I put the all stays Pro app up on one monitor and the Google Maps on the other monitor when I plan a trip weather freeway or back roads I add two hours to every 4 hours of highway travel and assume more for back roads. Just a little bit of time and a little pre route planning will give you a general idea of what road you might want to take and what campsites are in the area. I prefer desolation or Hunters campsites because you can pull in anytime day or night there is no attendant you fill the paperwork out for yourself if there’s even paperwork to be filled out. And remember as stated earlier as long as you have an internet connection you’ll be able to find a campsite with the all stays camping tent anywhere anytime. When I have no internet connection I use the app it’s offline and is extremely detailed for an offline map app

  7. Search Google for lodging near me

  8. In the west I plan my rides so that when the shadows get long I’m in a national forest. Dispersed camping is allowed within 200 yds of any NFS road.

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