How Do You Find BELL Helmet Weight/Comfort?


Anyone running a BELL helmet? how do you find it for weight/comfort?

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  1. The high end bell racing helmet is going to be lighter and more comfortable than the low end bell helmets. Whats more important is how it fits on you. Bells tend to run to a more oval head shape.

  2. Wish I had went with a bell instead of my duke

  3. Yeh not to bad mines got the sena10 built in had a fair bit of wind noise coming from the air exhaust on the back of the helmet but plugged it with some bluetac also have the transition visor and it works great

  4. bell stat qualifier. love it on the track. never used it on the street

  5. I was happy with my Bell till I scraped it off the road when I looped. Lol Still use it for a lot lid tho and I would def consider buying another. The one problem I had with it was that the extra visors were so expensive! Got the helmet for a steal on clearance and almost paid as much for a tinted visor. Lol

  6. Junk. Get an hjc

  7. bell makes shitty accessories for bicycles, not sure i can trust my head in something from that company… tho ive heard good things, ill stick to hjc and shoei

  8. Well the likes of james stewart, cameron beaubier, jake gagne and brad binder trust their helmets. I doubt anyone here can put a helmet to the test at that level.

  9. Shoei rf 1200…best fitting, low noise and great looks.

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