How do you carry a regular Coleman stove?


My new bike! Now to order parts to get it ready for camping in the next few weeks. Question for everyone… do you / how do you carry a regular Coleman stove? I have always taken a pocket stove.

How do you carry a regular Coleman stove?

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  1. when camping off just the bike i carry a single burner backpack cook stove….otherwise i pull a trailer behind the bike and bring a regular full size coleman cook stove.

  2. I have been using a backpack stove. I don’t really want to pull a trailer with this 600.

  3. i have seen some fairly small 2 burner propane cook stoves that ya might get into a top case / tailbag or perhaps a large saddle bag.

  4. When doing a road trip I always packed up like a backpacker would. You’ll be surprised what you can carry with you when you pack up that way. If you must have more than one burner, think of using two backpacker stoves. They will do the same job. Leave the Coleman stove in the trailer. I carry a single Svea 123R with 2 fuel bottles. It has never failed me.

  5. this is my second….the 1st one died after about 20years of service. Have had several different types of backpack burner/bottle stoves and simple alcohol burners, but like these best for the bike/kayak/canoe. Fully self contained and near zero maintenance.

  6. If you’re putting a rack on. This is pretty flat you can pack it sideways or flat and you can put it’ll fit right inside a duffle bag.

  7. I’ve been using these. John John Fisher I am putting a rack on. It will be here tomorrow. I just was thinking if I wanted to make a steak.

  8. If you get a rack like mine make sure you reinforce it and add some extra grommets it cracked the trunk on my Shadow

  9. The one I have ordered mounts on the back rest

  10. Honestly. I usually get food on the road. I know that’s not real camping but at least I get to put some miles and smiles on.

  11. Oh and enjoy the new ride

  12. Stick to a Pocket Rocket.

  13. Comes in a box for about $6. Get done with it make sure it’s out and get rid of it. Buy it when you shop for your steak.

  14. I took it for a 300+ mile trip today. I definitely need a seat cushion!

  15. Mustang seat on my Shadow. They also make one with a backrest.

  16. What are the meals of choice that you cook yourself? What keeps the best?

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