How do you all stay calm while riding?


Question: How do you all stay calm while riding? Understandably, people cut you off because they may not see which is an honest mistake. However, you have other people who almost hit you and then tell you to fuck off. I lose my temper because it means they don’t care about my life at all. I’m trying to work on that.

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  1. Not worth it because it can escalate and cause more problems

  2. I’m a pretty calm person already, but just knowing that I can be out if the situation way faster than any car on the road makes it easier to deal with. You don’t know who is carrying and what kind of a day they’ve had. I’d rather get out of a situation and ride another day than get myself in one

  3. I dont care about my life so …if they dont and I dont…well see it all works out. Besides I’ve been in some pretty hairy situations so, that kinda mellows stressfull things out a little.

  4. Music helps. If they’re an asshole I punch their mirrors

  5. Open carry.

  6. Maybe it’s because I live in the country and not a city and don’t normally deal with lots of assholes on the road

  7. Have kids helps, you always want to make it home safe and see them one more time. But who am I kidding, I just told someone to STFU and suck my junk this morning.

  8. I have horrible temper when it comes to cagers and my safety. But honestly I don’t say anything to anyone because I know their lack of response would anger me even more. I just shake my head and move on… however I have slapped a few mirrors which at times helps lol.

  9. i just let it go, i know it sucks and yea they dont care about your life but that’s just how things are. just gotta keep moving on cuz atleast be happy that your life wasnt taken from you that moment.

  10. I don’t normally ride in areas with a lot of traffic so it’s a non-issue.

  11. I just maneuver ahead of them and laugh as they are stuck in traffic. In my college town i record probably 5-10 people a day using both hands to text not paying attention halfway out of their lane and just honk and haul it away from them.

  12. Try not to react angrily and engage them. Remember it’s not personal. They don’t see you. I know, easier said than done. \n\nEngaging people when you’re angry or your adrenaline is pumping because you nearly laid down is typically going to cause them to react with equal or more anger. And some people are psycho – don’t die over an \

  13. Denali soundbomb! Speed is life.

  14. The way I see it.. Motorcycles are, in fact, very hard to see on the road. Think of how often you have accidentally cut someone off while driving in your car?? Everyone here has, they’re lying if they say otherwise. So if YOU, a motorcyclist, can accidentally cut off a giant car, think of how easy it is for someone to not see a bike. \n\nI don’t get mad. I usually say some cuss words to myself and shake my head, but I always keep riding. Where I live, I expect people to merge into me and cut me off. Instead of being mad at cagers, analyze your actions and see what you could have done differently to not put yourself in that position. 90% of these accidents posted online could have been avoided by not following too closely and not riding in people’s blind spots.

  15. People who don’t use their mirrors, lose them around here. I don’t do it personally but Oklahoman’s get angry over everything lol

  16. Interesting story, actually.. The UPS driver in my neighborhood is a fellow rider. The other day, he was turning off my street and made a left turn in front of a bike going well over the speed limit. The bike t-boned him and the rider died on impact. The UPS guy is a good driver, he has been working my neighborhood for nearly a decade. He’s also a fellow rider and knows to watch for bikes (we always talk about how dumb cagers are). But again accidents DO happen to EVERYONE. Even this guy who is someone I consider a very experienced driver and rider. Before you guys go bashing people mirrors and being childish, remember that everyone including you makes mistakes.

  17. Loudest exhaust legally possible to catch attention, if they react poorly I take their mirrors home with me.

  18. If they apologize i keep it cool, and say it’s ok. But if they tell me to “fuck off” i honk until they leave or the honk breaks, and middle finger at the same time 😛 The important thing, it’s to never hit the other car, because that’s when you loose all of your reason

  19. It’s easy to get angry at someone because it’s easy to view that person who cut you off as purely a douchebag who doesn’t know how to drive. There’s a level of anonymity on the road that gives us that mindset. Whenever someone does something wrong, I try to just look at them. 99% they look back, and say sorry. It was a mistake; something we all do from time to time.

  20. I try not to let the jackasses ruin my day and mood… but it’s not easy

  21. Car > bike. The only way to win is not to play.

  22. Come to Okinawa and ride. You learn patience real quick.

  23. It happens on my Grom a lot. It’s not the type of bike I can rev bomb while speeding past them so I resort to childish hand signals while laughing about how retarded some drivers can be. Many times, I can predict what idiotic move people are going to make so I can at least feel good about that.

  24. Dude, for real. Just yesterday some dude cut me off and then threatened to hit me with a pipe!! Then as he took off and I couldn’t find him..

  25. I try not to show my emotion on the road, because even though other people are effing stupid, it’s so easy for them to win in road rage. I value going home to my family.

  26. I get in front of them and slowly stop. Then i proceed to walk over casually with my sidearm shown. Then ask “whats up?”

  27. Remember your family at home… after you break a window lol

  28. Pretty lucky. There’s a ton of bikers out here, so people seem a bit more tuned in. When someone does something stupid, I just shake my head in a disappointed manner, and move on. It’s PA, so I’m usually carrying, half of them are carrying. Too easy for something to go sideways so I just brush it off.

  29. Nah fuck em. If they don’t care about your life then they are terrible excuses of a human being

  30. Getting angry and instigating a confrontation isn’t smart these days. When I was young we would fistfight and be done. Now…retards and cowards carry guns and are just looking for an excuse to use it. Try not to get angry at asshole drivers. Just feel sorry for them and ride off. What happened to you isn’t personal…it’s incompetence.

  31. Emotions are childish. You should never expect anything from people on the road, especially common courtesy and level-headedness

  32. If anything, I don’t have enough emotion while riding when something happens… I shit myself a little, avoid it, and move on… then I think to myself a bit later “Shit, I almost died.”

  33. You wanna know my secret, cap? I’m always angry

  34. I’m used to it. Actually the traffic is quite orderly compared to other countries.

  35. I have a gun on me last thing I want is a confrontation. But I’ll get really upset if there on the fucking phone if it’s just a mistake I’ll let it slide. If they catch a attitude I’ll address it fall back or either speed up and take the next exit.

  36. Carrying a weapon is good. Makes you remind yourself of the Spider Man phrase “with great power comes great responsibilty” quite often and typically I never get too angryn because fuck it, lifes to short to be angry over stupid idiots driving like asshats. Im usually in a pretty good zone riding in the first place, it would take a crash to get me outta my happy place while riding.

  37. Remember you can only use the gun if they do everything wrong and you do everything right. If you yell at them and get them to pull over to “talk about it”, you will no longer be seen as an innocent party. Best thing to do is either ignore them and sing a happy song, or carry tire jacks or ball bearing to throw at them and take off haha.

  38. Depends what you mean by “staying calm”. I consider myself invisible to everyone but the police and the road ahead of me is full of mere moving obsticles, not really people. I never loose my temper in the saddle – my right wrist fixes most anything soon enough. On a nimble bike, I always have options. On a bike, mostly I feel in control so, not much to get upset about. In my car where I’m stuck, imobilized feeling helpless and held hostage by the brainless people in my way, yeah, I loose my shit several times a day because venting to myself is all I CAN do.

  39. I’ve learned to keep my cool in most situations because god forbid I ever need to pull my gun I don’t need any witnesses saying I was the aggressor.


    Think of it like this, people are literally garbage truck, they drive around with problems and trash pile on them. You might just be the toothpick that set that garbage truck off. \n\nInstead, laugh at them because they are unable to deal with it. You in the other hand, is on a bike and free with the wind.

  40. I like that.

  41. I imagine every single car on the road is going to hit me and actively put myself into the best position to avoid it. It’s saved me a handful of times. When I approach an intersection in the daytime and see another car to the right or left, I flash the brights on and off just to make sure, and still in my mind be ready to avoid them just in case.

  42. I never get angry when riding , only because I expect that at some point some one will come on my lane and not see me , all I do is react to it , if your not relaxed then your not enjoying the ride , you could relax when you ride as long as you have a way out if things go wrong, I have had a guy in a mustang intentionally tail me , that to me was 0 tolerance , I was going to wait for a light stop jump off the bike and take my helmet and put it through his windshield, I always try to avoid angry drivers but when it’s intentional that changes normal reasoning, if some one is way to close for comfort and intentional and there is not a lane for me to get out of his way, if I have an opportunity I will take the law and apply it to protect myself and even make my own laws weather justified or not , its my life and its worth more then his because it’s my life!

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