How do you all go about choosing where to set up camp?


Preparing for my first motorcycle camping trip that will head off when I get laid off from work(probably another 3-4 weeks and a month long layoff is common in my line of work.). I will be leaving out from Kentucky and heading down into Florida’s coasts. My main question is how do you all go about choosing where to set up camp? Do you plan out to stop at a regular state campground that you pay for? Or do you try to free spirit it and find a space to set up for free? Renting a lot isn’t really the problem, I’d just like to be a little more private.

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  1. Mason, campout behind the lodges.

  2. Haven’t used it yet but someone posted this link last week and it looks pretty great. Something you can use on the road as long as you are getting a signal.

  3. If you Google free camping any where you are the map it then you decide I go 2-3 days then hotel it truck stops have decent showers Google cheap hotels near me when ready them puck the best vendor it varies but I was playing 50-70 For some nice hotels my adv ice be assure of a hot tub you will need it for the back enjoy it brother

  4. If you don’t have any particular place to be, you might consider riding the Natchez Trace. It starts in Nashville. Won’t take you to Florida, but Natchez isn’t that far from the pan handle and it is a great ride (with free camping along the way). I posted some pics of my trip in this group:

  5. Since I rarely have a set destination, I’ll check that link above for a good dispersed camp spot around lunchtime, and head that way if there’s something good. Otherwise, I start scouting for places about 2 hours before dark. Finding places to stealth camp isn’t rocket science, but it is a skill that gets better over time.

  6. Wife and I did a 46 day ride to the west coast and back to Northern Illinois without any reservations. We spent 6 nights in hotels and the rest in campgrounds.\n\nWe would use our phone to search “camping near me”. Was always able to get a spot for the night.\n\nBut, one piece of advice, don’t wait till dark to get off the road. \n\nGood luck and enjoy!😊

  7. You are welcome to Inverness. I could ask is a tent is allowed on my spot a night or two.

  8. Florida has several National Forests with cheap campsites. State parks have really nice camping but prices go up and reservations can be hard to get in season. There are state forests with camping too. State water management districts allow camping for cheap or free but you have to contact them directly.

  9. If I am away from a city and it is getting dark, no places appearing to camp. I start looking for a small church with a large yard. set off of the road. If the pastor has a house I knock on the door and ask if it is OK to camp on the church property for the night.If not I just set up camp back out of sight. I have never been turned down and have even been invited in for a meal.

  10. Hey , i know where Falcon is ,on 40 between Paintsville and Salyersville? I’m bout 30 miles from you in Inez

  11. I’ve been camp/riding for about 9 yrs , the first year I just winged it, not so much fun when you’re looking for a spot at the last minute, so now I plan out how far I’d like to go each day and look for a spot in the areas, by doing it this way I can get off the beaten path a little more and know where I’m going. Yes it takes a little of the surprise factor out but this saves time and leaves the surprise factor for the road. Planning saves time and money, just my 2 cents

  12. Some of the moose lodges have camping


  14. Most camping areas have shower houses & laundry facilities

  15. I use the free campsite already mentioned as well as state and private parks and campgrounds, mark them all on google maps. Then i have multiple choices when i get ready to stop. This is my way of pre planning without getting locked into a schedule.

  16. Back lot on any truck stop is free

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