How do people afford swanky road bikes in the $2000-$5000 range?


How do people afford swanky road bikes in the $2000-$5000 range? Do shops offer financing? Asking for a friend. ?

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  1. Price out a recumbent trike, then be greatful

  2. It's pretty easy I just save up.

  3. You save up or get a better paid job and buy one two or three lol

  4. There's a online store on ebay called the Pro's Closet. I bought a Trek 2012 Madone 6.2 Oclv project 1 for 1400 They will nogochiate. The bike is next to flawless

  5. lol , I think the simple answer is : They have big pay packets
    … Don't worry, you don't need this years latest dream machine to enjoy your ride. If you must have something "Top end" and your pay packet won't stretch, then buy last years or the one before ..from eBay etc that has hardly been used at 50 / 70 % off .. Bike makes a difference yes, no denying it , but fitness / training counts too !
    Would never buy a £1k + bike on credit – no way Jose !

  6. Some make enough they can just purchase stuff like that if they want it

  7. Hell, let your kids make their own money…

  8. My shop puts me on a payment plan

  9. I always thought it would be great for a shop to lease bikes. That way you could always move up to the newer model every couple of years. If you're a LBS owner feel free to steal the idea.

  10. Actually some do. Also there are sites like JensonUSA that offer payments and bikes at great discounts over LBS.

  11. I have a friend who has a $10,000 bike. He bought it in 2011 a Trek!

  12. I only pay cash for everything! Stay out of debt!

  13. not sure 2K counts anymore, crazy I know but 5k might be just the New starting point for swanky..

  14. I'm guessing your still under 18..??

  15. I would like to get this Folding mtn bike called “Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike. It's about $4k

  16. Folding Bikes can be nice..

  17. I build my own bikes. I look for sales, and close outs. It may end up costing nearly the same as a full bike, but at least I can buy what I can afford.

  18. I got my bike in 12mo no interest, my LBS (Fusion Pro Bike Shop) has finance via Wells Fargo. They're authorized Giant and BMC.

  19. Go to Ebay, or talk to a local dealer as winter closes in. And there is always


  21. Save up. Sell old bikes. Look for good deals

  22. Unless the size of the loop you ride matters – there's no reason to spend a lot of money on a bike. Most people go out for an hour ride, does it really matter if you cover 15, 20, or 25 miles while you're out riding? Everything else remains constant in the workout: the pleasure of the ride, the calories burned, the cardiovascular benefits, the muscular development – the only difference is the size of the loop or the distance covered. If that matters, sell a kidney and buy a $10K bike, otherwise, spend a few hundred and ride a shorter loop.

  23. I always work some angle like buying LOTS of beer 4 LBS staffers. Knowing a product rep or shop owner helps too.

  24. I got mine on eBay auction from a good bike shop with zillion good reviews. $3,800 bike for $1,500.

  25. some do , some you can layaway at !

  26. Work our ass's off.

  27. I quit drinking beer and after two years I had almost two grand. Bought my bike and never looked back

  28. Trek offers financing! I opted for layaway for 90 days. I will have my new mountain bike by November 4th! But I made the mistake of looking at new road bikes. Rut Row.

  29. Some bike stores offer payment plans. One that I dealt with before I moved offered 12 months no interest. That is how one of my sons bought his road bike.
    Some individuals can pay full price without financing.

  30. Pretty well every bike I ride was free. 🙂

  31. I saved up all my pennies and dimes.

  32. Some buy a bike instead of a car. Others have careers with great salaries so they can afford high cost bikes.

  33. I got my p5six Frameset new old stock from a bike shop. Currently selling for $3500 got mine for under $2000. Another $1000 in components and good used carbon wheels on eBay and ready to race.

  34. I had a friend who knows a lot about bikes keep an eye out on Craig's list. He found one and told me to go get it now. I went and got it. Turns out the owner was a doctor and upgraded his bike. 6k bike for $1200

  35. Trek offers 6 months interest free financing.

  36. it actually takes a few months for me to get 5000$$ bike that i really want but i do some sacrificing on many other up grades on my other bikes…………..

  37. Sold my car!

  38. Save, save, save! Or buy used then upgrade as needed. 😀

  39. I build my own this one just got this old git through two one hundred mile sportives in September both in 6 hrs 35 mins. Its not how much it costs but how you ride

  40. for that kind of money i should reconsider insurance for that bike-no doubt

  41. I don't have kids!

  42. Tell ya mate to get a job……

  43. Sold a kidney on the black market

  44. Cheaper to get a Bkool and not worry about geometry, weight, frame material, etc. (Of course no fresh air, sights and smells, thrills, etc.)

  45. Personally, you can get just as good of a bike for under 2k.. If you're on a good bike that costs 1500 and you get dropped by a 5k bike it was the person doing the peddling that dropped you, not the bike

  46. I have gotten two swanky road bikes at the local bike shop that sells used bikes — one a Cannondale Synapse and the other a Trek Domane 6.2, both carbon fiber, that were approx 1/2 off the new price. Both had not been ridden much, and were great deals.

  47. Go to work and save up! That's how I get my expensive bikes! Failing that last seasons models or second hand or if some one needs cash fast they sell cheap! Right place right time! Or someone who liked the sound of riding then got bored of the idea but has too much money!

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