How do clean the interior part of leather suit?


Hi guys, i want ask if how do clean the interior part of your leather suit? What is best cleaner and conditioner for the leather suit? Many thanks….

Liam Dear:

I tape up the wrists and ankles… throw a load of washing up liquid in, zip up… piss myself… then go and throw myself down the track as fast as possible to mix it up and get a nice lather going on… hang up to dry for 6 month while you heal from your injuries… jobs a goodun!!! ?

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  1. Bring it to professional they have machines for special cleaning of both inner layer and outer layer. It will also kill all micro bacteria that may form during the wearing process. When store during off season do the clean and pu suit in vacuum bag… is

  2. Many thanks for your suggestions…

  3. Also, it’s a good idea to clean and condition your gloves and boots on a regular basis. All that sweat and salt will weaken and destroy them quickly.

  4. Anti bacterial spray followed by fabreze

  5. Motul do a good leather conditioner for the outside

  6. Dont bother its not like it’s an oil splattered vincent your riding pity Joey Dunlop isn’t here to answer that ive got bugs from couple of years ago still on mine its character building in Scotland but a splash of brut n open suit at about a ton you’ll be sound

  7. Fabreeze, if u piss ur self just be rock and roll and shake a leg

  8. cover yourself in scented oil, put on the leathers, go for a jog and a workout in the gym. It won’t get it clean but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it

  9. Do a lorenzo n jump in a fukin puddle

  10. You can take the liner off, wash it in warm soap and hang dry. The interior just spray with disinfectant, and air dry.

  11. Didn’t realise cleaning them was something people did. Wear till fucked. Buy new ones lol

  12. Anthony’s Leatherworks, so easy to use and their conditioner won’t clog the perforations on your gear. Usually skeptical to buy this type of stuff but its really good, works better than my motul stuff. If you google you can find some reviews on moto journalism sites.

  13. Get a Harley. Then you won’t need the suit.

  14. I use leather car seat spray cleaner / conditioner.

  15. wear shorts flip flops t shirt n a skid lid – who needs skin anyway

  16. After the day at the track back at the hotel jump in the pool in your leathers, the chlorine will kill all those microbes and just be sure to put your leathers back on a couple times as they dry so they will retain your killer physique and fit like second skin…

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