How can I strap a passenger helmet to our bikes


What up guys this may seem like a dumb question but how can I strap a passenger helmet to our bikes. Securely enough to go in the highway at high speeds.

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  1. Cargo net/bungees

  2. I’ve been thinking the same thing, not a dumb question.

  3. I’ve done it 2 ways; cargo net made it 100 miles with a spare helmet no problem. I also rigged up a helmet lock using an FZ09 one you can buy on eBay. Had to dremel a touch but it worked well until I had no fender for the helmet to rest on. \n\nI have the same issue with bags, the ass is so skinny on these there’s nothing to keep stuff off the rear wheel.

  4. So I’m guessing the net is probably the best option for this.

  5. Net for sure. I bought a 10~ dollar one and used it to strap a big lunch box on the back seat for 10 miles a day all summer. Help up great. Could do wheelies and not worry but it fucked up your sandwiches and bannanas flopping around inside.

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