How are tow campers hooked to bike?


How are tow campers hooked to bike? Tow ball like a boat trailer? Where is the hitch mounted on bike. Thx

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  1. Google bike hitches and you’ll find several including videos on how to install.

  2. Hey John, Google your bike + hitch and you will find the specific options for your bike. The type of hitch connection will depend on the trailer. 2 wheeled trailers will use a ball like your trucks do, but one wheeled trailers use a UV Joint.

  3. Most hitches are not very complicated to install as they are custom made for your specific make and model. Bolt on.

  4. I have bought several hitches over the years and I always go to the specific forum and ask around. One can usually find a used hitch, in great shape for 1/2 the price. People selling motorcycles will often pull the hitch off of their bike to avoid those questions about……. "does pulling a trailer harm the motorcycle."

  5. $50 for a 1500 Goldwing hitch is an example and it turned out to be local.

  6. Depends on the bike. Mounts to swing arm on two wheels. To frame in trikes. Trailer hooks to hitch. There are ball hutches, pin hitches and special hitches for single wheel trailers.

  7. Sometimes hitches can get complicated. Check this out…. on my mono shock 800cc Drifter.

  8. Vstar 1100 classic is my ride. Is it enough to pull a camper?

  9. Highly recommend you go for test runs fully loaded. Tongue weight varies. Load heavier items over the axle. Lighter the better as far as total weight pulling. Your bike brakes will be working a lot harder. Change brake fluid if it has not been done in a while. Anticipate everything when riding particularly when slowing down. Practice on a road with bumps so you get the feel how the bike reacts and try not to overreact. Stay safe.

  10. I pull a cargo trailer loaded to around 375 lbs with my VTX 1300R when camping. Never pulled a camping trailer. My understanding is they are considerably heavier than my rig when loaded up with gear and luggage. I went with an exterior hitch since I run a car tire on the rear and didn’t want the hitch frame competing for space under the fender. It’s chrome and has the removable draw bar/ball feature too.

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